T-Mobile's 'Operation Tablet Freedom' includes more free data, discounted 4G LTE slates

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 10, 2014

iPad 3 front

Yesterday T-Mobile said that it had three days of Uncarrier announcements to make, and today the second move of the trio has been revealed.

T-Mobile has announced what it calls “Operation Tablet Freedom,” a new program focused on getting 4G LTE-enabled tablets into the hands of customers. The first part of the program will give T-Mobile voice customers 1GB of free tablet data usage per month through the end of 2014. Combined with T-Mobile’s previous 200MB free data tablet offer, that means that voice customers can get 1.2GB of free data per month until the end of the year.

The second part of Operation Tablet Freedom allows customers to buy an LTE-capable tablet for the price of a Wi-Fi-only model. For example, a 16GB iPad Air with LTE connectivity would cost $499 rather than the usual $630 price tag. Customers must sign up for a postpaid 1GB or higher plan to be eligible for the offer.

Finally, T-Mobile says that consumers can trade in a Wi-Fi-only tablet and put that credit toward the cost of an LTE model.

Having an LTE-capable tablet is nice because it allows you to get online anywhere, but many folks stick to Wi-Fi-only models because they’re usually quite a bit cheaper than their cellular-enabled counterparts. This new T-Mobile promo eliminates that price difference and even includes a gig of free data usage every month for a year. Sure, your free data allotment will drop to 200MB once 2015 rolls around, but at least you’ll get 1.2GB free every month for 8 solid months before then.

Operation Tablet Freedom officially begins on April 12. T-Mobile’s full announcement of the promo is available at the link below.

Via T-Mobile