The iPhone is still missing something

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| July 1, 2014

If you believe the (mounting) rumors, then Apple's going to launch not just one new iPhone this year, but two. The main difference will be the screen sizes, one measuring in at 4.7-inches and the other a sizable 5.5-inches, but otherwise they should be the same device. As long as you ignore the rumors that suggest Apple's gearing up to add more new stuff, like features tied to the hardware/software, into the 5.5-inch model, that is.

Which, for the record, is exactly what I'm doing. So, hey, if you're doing it, too, you're not alone!

We're starting to see a lot of front and rear panel leaks these days, all giving us a glimpse of what the final design will look like in a disassembled state. It's a good tease, sure, it's not doing much for the final product. Yes, we've seen mock-ups and dummy builds of the handset, and those are probably pretty close to what we should expect to see later this year, but they're still only close, and not anything final.

That doesn't mean that people aren't investigating these leaks, though, trying to find any hidden details they can. Truth be told, I'm starting to do the same thing, because I'm trying to determine if the iPhone is finally going to add a feature that it has been missing . . . Well, since the start, really.

I'm talking about a notification light. A real one -- not the crazy camera-flash-turned-notification-light situation that current iPhone models have. (That probably seemed like a good idea to someone, but it's not.) This is a feature that I've wanted in the iPhone for so long, but it's something that Apple apparently just refuses to consider. Which boggles my mind.

A notification light makes it so easy to figure out if I need to pick up my phone in so many different situations. More than that, a device that has a notification light that changes colors depending on the content waiting for me is even better. Blue for social networks, green for text messages, and whatever other color for whatever other notification is an amazing idea, and it's one that Apple should equip into their hardware.

When I started this article, I realized that for certain people out there, this idea of "something missing" from the iPhone is probably going to be quite a broad topic for some people out there, maybe even most of you. There could be something about the iPhone, something not part of the picture quite yet, that has kept you from switching to Apple's mobile device, and I'm curious what that might be. What do you think the iPhone is still missing?


Let me know!

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