Apple announces iPhone 5; Lost footage of iPhone 5 video; Windows Phone Marketplace update and more!

Sydney Myers
Teen Lifestyle Editor from  Dallas, TX
| September 17, 2012

Last week's headlines were dominated by Apple and its new iPhone, iPhone 5. iPhone 5 has many features that people have been asking for for a long time now - a larger screen, 4G, and improved camera features. Not only that, but it's thinner and lighter. That being said, some people (a lot of people, actually) are very disappointed by Apple's new iPhone. How do you feel? Are you impressed or did you feel like Apple left you hanging. In other news, Microsoft announced some improvements to the Windows Phone Marketplace, which will now be called the Windows Phone store, and HP says that it will offer a smartphone, though we don't have any details on what that smartphone may be like. 

Also, this is Sydney's last video for PhoneDog. She is leaving the site and shifting her career goals away from technology completely. Thanks for watching and keep it on PhoneDog for the best coverage and reviews.


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