Aaron takes a first look at the Kyocera Echo, the first dual-screen Android phone. Resembling a Nintendo DS, the Echo offers a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, dual 3.5-inch displays, Android 2.2 (Froyo), a 5-megapixel camera, and a spare battery for power on the go.

Sprint made it clear that the device was meant for "simultasking" - that is, performing two completely different tasks on two screens. It's unique in theory, but will it attract customers?

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"Aaron gets some hands-on time with the Kyocera Echo, Sprint's newest device. Would you buy it?"

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Skye Villanueva
Skye Villanueva Battery life will be crap!..2-3 hours
Bridget Williams
Bridget Williams No. I'm leaving Sprint.
Aj Green
Aj Green Better than 3D on a phone I guess. But its still a piece of shit!
Néstor Peligro
Néstor Peligro It's still a Kyocera - even with two screens.
Manny LaughsAlot
Manny LaughsAlot Each day that goes by i get convinced to get the atrix ...im hoping for a big "SIKE!!!" Soon ibfeel bad for david blaine wasting his time for such a crappy phone that noone is gonna buy....might as well sell it as a " as seen on tv" novelty item...buy 1 for 14.95 get second free!!!!
Diggy Bui
Diggy Bui It didnt matter what sprint came out with (unless it was an iphone with 4g or an iphone 5) everyone would still not approve....
Tobias Tandrup Justesen
Tobias Tandrup Justesen hi guys, im from denmark, and i really want the phone, do you think the phone and all of its features will work in denmark, and where would be a good place to buy it?
Aaron Jaeger
Aaron Jaeger It doesn't look very sturdy. It also looks too thick.
Caleb Martinez
Caleb Martinez This better be Sprints "I'm just kidding we have something better" phone because im pretty sure they need more than two face chat high end 4g androids in their line up.
Ron Bragg
Ron Bragg That's embarrassing......
Dale Lyster
Dale Lyster YES
Dave Trivino
Dave Trivino Nope, looks like a crappy gimmick made by a crappy company.
Tito Molinary
Tito Molinary HELL NO! I'll keep my EVO! Got excited for nothing!
Marie Koehler Chico
Marie Koehler Chico No, I'm a 9 year Sprint customer but have no interest in this one! Evo all the way!
Matt Cain
Matt Cain No. What a waste of time and resources. They have something awesome like the Evo in their lineup and they think people would buy that? Get it together, Sprint.
Jason Wilkinson
Jason Wilkinson No, I hate the Sprint network
Anthony Evans Jr
Anthony Evans Jr Hell no
Adam Loyal
Adam Loyal If sprint brings the echo to the virgin line then yes. that is of course assuming it lives up to the hype.
Dan-Petra Armstrong
Dan-Petra Armstrong Gimmick phone......dead in the water..... Sprint should be embarrassed.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Clemmie yeah you are alone there. This thing has fail written all over it. Not only is it a stupid idea buy it's also a brick in your pocket. So glad I'm with verizon.
Samuel Winnie
Samuel Winnie I am most certainly digging their soundtrack, device seems a little laggy though.
Nick Koval
Nick Koval I wonder how long the battery lasts..? Maybe 30-45min hahahahaha u might need 10 batteries for one day
Bobby Fann
Bobby Fann Whoa! Kyocera is still around?
Chris Samuelson
Chris Samuelson Just kidding No I would not I am switch switching to Vzw iPhone tomorrow
Chris Samuelson
Chris Samuelson Yes if I was not switching to VZW iPhone 4 tomorrow hehe
Donna Watkins Hebert
Donna Watkins Hebert I might wait until the spring and use one of my old phones idk just saying I'm marinate on this one.
Jamel Pegues
Jamel Pegues Hell Naw did sprint say anything about the htc arrive
Victor Rios
Victor Rios No sir, its ugly looks like a Nintendo DS lol, and its made by Kyocera
Juwon Howard
Juwon Howard More mess on a phone that they make seem "cool" so people with AD can buy! good job..
Darryl Mouzone
Darryl Mouzone No way. That phone looks horrible and if Sprint is giving you an extra battery it must have poor battery life.
Marvin Oubre
Marvin Oubre No dual core processor, no 4G, and a puny little battery "1370mah" (Sprint will give you an extra battery) Hey Sprint?! You gonna supply a battery cradle to charge the second battery??
Terry Knab
Terry Knab Kyocera made one of the WORST sprint phones ever, that infamous 2255 a few years ago and then bought Sanyo. I've never bought that crap since.
Tham Ye Yang
Tham Ye Yang 1 ghz? 2.2? Dual screen = more battery consumption. No thanks.
Steve Spanoudakis
Steve Spanoudakis Kyocera is bull shit...they would make a bad toaster
Charlie Pryor
Charlie Pryor Now what if the back glass on the iPhone 4 was also a touch screen display? hahaha
Pierce Swan
Pierce Swan Nope. Sprint = crap.
Maurice Hall
Maurice Hall Nope... This phone looks like a gimmicky piece of shit... Kyocera = fails everytime all the time
Clemmie Hooper
Clemmie Hooper I think we need to get back to Phones just being PHONES! If you need to Compute on the go, there is a device for that - called a Laptop - which is MUCH better suited to the task, and is often cheaper than these 'smart' phones. Am I the only human left who appreciates getting AWAY from Computers when I go out?
Richard Duncan
Richard Duncan New phone b4 my froyo update?
John Resch
John Resch Great phone..
Adonis Reyes
Adonis Reyes Good concept bad design
Jeremy Mahon
Jeremy Mahon Nope. The Samsung Seek, is so much better than that crappy phone!
Johnny Luna
Johnny Luna Waited to upgrade for a month to hear this announcement, getting an Evo tomorrow.
Eduardo Sanchez
Eduardo Sanchez ._.
Errol Allen
Errol Allen Hell no, and the most frustrating part is how high the hype was.
Matt Weber
Matt Weber Hell no
Steven Bright
Steven Bright They need a salesman like Obama instead of Hesse to sell this junk. blaine should have made this phone disappear... fail for sprint.
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial Need two for bunch of fackers.
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial I have trouble dealing with one screen. What the hell do I news two for?
Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia They should have Tegra 2 dual-core and atleast gingerbread!!!
Nick Koval
Nick Koval Nah i wouldnt buy it screen isnt even responding how embarrasing....
Yasir Sohail
Yasir Sohail Industry first=crappiest phone ever.
Kyle Ruben Morris- Kyrumo
Kyle Ruben Morris- Kyrumo No
Beth Klaser
Beth Klaser I wouldn't go back to sprint if it was the last carrier available. My contract was no money down, $75 a month, unlimited text messaging, free incoming. My bills were 300 plus with no out going calls, I'll keep paying $160 for att. ;)
Heidi K Harrell
Heidi K Harrell What about the droid x
Samuel Rivera
Samuel Rivera Thought about it and ill pass. I don't care if its the first dual screen phone.
Bryan Davis
Adam Catello
Adam Catello Its a cool concept but need a better phone company to pick up and run with it like Htc or Dell or samsung make it a high end phone and maybe get that big black hinge a lot smaller
Anonymous lol. NO.
Jeff Fuentes
Jeff Fuentes absolutely....not
Matthew James
Matthew James Seriously. Can't get over that. If I were a wireless provider that was about to launch a Kyocera smartphone, I'd keep that shit as quiet as possible lol.... not invite the press!
David T Whealdon Jr.
David T Whealdon Jr. I have enough Sprint problems, I am not buying more of it. The only reason I'm still with them Is it's cheaper service, most bang for my buck. AT&T & Verizon are just too expensive.
Iram Velázquez
Iram Velázquez looks like no one is gonna buy it...
Al Hendrix
Al Hendrix 1ghz? garbage
Matthew James
Matthew James Lol @ Sprint creating ~1 months worth of hype for a Kyocera device.
Shib Dastider
Shib Dastider Holy! I just ordered another HTC Evo Yesterday, coz I had an upgrade due! Was tht a mistake ? this phone looks cool! Maybe this time they really created a good phone?
Charlie Pryor
Charlie Pryor Wow... that's terribly buggy and pointless. Took the guy three or four tries every time he wanted to do something. You know it's a fail when he speaks the words" op, there it goes..."
Walt Alan Wilcutts
Walt Alan Wilcutts No. Thanks for askin.
Tomi Salako
Tomi Salako is this the only thing talked about for that time being..omg are they not going to have any other phones out
Stephen Wagner
Stephen Wagner Yes.
Owen Pender
Owen Pender Never. This is just a gimmick, this isn't evolutionary or revolutionary. Also, what's the point in releasing an SDK for it? No one will buy it, so no developers will even install it, let alone implement it.
Michelle Ann
Michelle Ann No. No front-facing camera, no Wimax... darn it, Sprint?! When are you going to catch up with the rest of the industry? I have a super cheap employee plan, and despite that I can pay 50 bucks for unlimited everything I am considering jumping ship because Sprint is just so behind the times!
Chau Lam
Chau Lam Hell no
James Brian Carrera
James Brian Carrera Wvga
Esau Nunez
Esau Nunez Not even if it had 5 screens that's junk!!!!!
Chris Toliver
Chris Toliver Never
Ludwing Villamizar
Ludwing Villamizar So what did Aaron say about it?
Anthony Scott Pancurak
Anthony Scott Pancurak it is nick, its not even lcd. its some sort of low line recycled plastic touch screen. big no no
Julius Mawoussi
Julius Mawoussi Nope.
Beth Klaser
Beth Klaser No, but I'd PR it.
James Brian Carrera
James Brian Carrera No niet nyne. No
Ben Broyles
Ben Broyles Nope they make cheap shit
Nick Miller
Nick Miller HA! but seriously...no. it seems very gimmicky to me and it's not even sporting at least one AMOLED screen... The whole thing just screams cheap to me.
Ishy Pas
Ishy Pas No, no, and oh... did i mention NO!
Alaye Kray Brown
Alaye Kray Brown yes if i had sprint giveaway more prizes plz
Anthony Scott Pancurak
Anthony Scott Pancurak hell no, KYOCERA= JUNK! phone is cheeply made, just like any other kyocera brand! dont buy it! Had my hands on with it, cheep plastic
Jt Thomas
Jt Thomas nope.

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