Nexus 5 the 3rd best phone, 5c better than a G Flex?

Cam Bunton
Senior Managing Editor from Cumbria, UK
Published: June 16, 2014

Cam rounds up the highlights from this past week's OSR votes. In the People's Choice rankings, the Nexus 5 has climbed up to 3rd spot, displacing the Xperia Z2, which now sits way down the list. As does the LG G Flex. It's a great phone, but apparently not as good as an iPhone 5c or a BlackBerry Z10. 

Why do you think the experts vote the S5 higher than you? Have you fallen out of love with Samsung's Galaxy S series? Is it no longer as exciting as it was? Or have the professional nerds got no idea what makes a great device? 

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