The Nokia Lumia 900 Challenge is complete, and all things considered, Windows Phone has a champion on their hands.  The Nokia Lumia 900 has some great features like strong wireless connectivity, great battery life, and a killer build quality, but Windows Phone lacks some features like true multitasking and a strong app catalog.  Still, for $99.99, you can't go wrong with this device.  If Microsoft gets a few more of these high-end $100 devices under their belt, they'll be very successful.

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"Do you think Windows Phone has a chance?"

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Anonymous agree with rest. verizon already said it has win8 phones scheduled for launch in fall. win phones ftw!
Aldo Piscitello
Aldo Piscitello the lumia 900 is best phone i ever had, junked my i phone
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas Windows phone is more fluid than android and ios,is more cool and sexy and soon Windows phone 8 is coming and yes is going to be a very powerful chance for windows phone
Rick Romero
Rick Romero anyone experiencing some lag then speeding up in video playback on the lumia 900? this happens repeatedly when i watch music videos from my zune app on my PC. Played from the zune on my pc, the videos are awesome, but played on my lumia, kinda laggy. gets frustrating when this happens...any advice on what to do??? thank u in advance.
Tim Lindt
Tim Lindt yes it has a chance, but not by me :D
Maxi Fabián
Maxi Fabián I think Windows Phone 8 will have a chance.
Jason Wilde
Jason Wilde So many fools on here... Won't even give WP a chance...
Lasp24 all the way
Gerald Mccrae
Gerald Mccrae Nope the only reason it's selling now is because they forced themselves on Nokia
Larry Ivie
Larry Ivie Nope!
Joel Diaz
Joel Diaz Not now but maybe later. For now ill stick with my customized HTC TB. Its dope as hell son!
Michael Klinkum
Michael Klinkum Hell no
Harsh Doshi
Harsh Doshi yes definitely some innovation is required and this just it!! great software, doesnt lad even a bit and a good amount of apps. its just great!!
Angel Rodriquez
Angel Rodriquez no but maybe couple more years or so ???
Ryan Rodriguez
Ryan Rodriguez Right now NO ! In a year or two from now ...maybe
Paul Alexandru
Paul Alexandru I don't care about Windows Phone
Kim E. Salinas
Kim E. Salinas it has a chance if they succeed to be known in something,like android it is popular for its software updates and gaming experience.
Kevin Post
Kevin Post Great, windows phone is easy to use, and there are much Europe apps upcoming. And the 4G lte network will be soon in Europe. On Vodafone.
Dan Kesler
Dan Kesler i think web os will beat it lol
??? I mean, it deserves a chance, but Microsoft and OEMs just don't make killer devices for them, but HTC Titan is the only device that you should get if you are really into WP7. I like it and Titan is my daily driver.
Oscar Falcon
Oscar Falcon No!!!
Richard Barron
Richard Barron Nope!
Ray Gramata
Ray Gramata Yes.
CJ Jeffcoat
CJ Jeffcoat Crap yeah they do. Better cameras, higher resolution screens, easier UI, and better games.
Geffá Oliveira
Geffá Oliveira If they actually make people to do apps for it's platform, then yes. Ow, and they need to change bing maps to google maps
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz no same can be boring fast. U can jailbreak ur iphone and change things or root to change alot more things.
Michael Benesa
Michael Benesa Familiar can get boring fast...
Clifton Latour
Clifton Latour I love HTC radar, will never go back to android
Kirk Ngo
Kirk Ngo with the right hardware, software and price point than sure.
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz people dont need to use it people saw how it works and it looks. IOS and Android are familiar to lots of people and they like IOS or Android. Both have lots of apps that people like on either IOS or Android. No wp7 doesnt have a chance because IOS and Android are familiar to lots of people so they pick what they like and what is familiar to them. Both are great OS's. No wp doesnt have a chance.
Tahrim Ehsan Abir
Tahrim Ehsan Abir bit boring....
Mark Belkowski
Mark Belkowski Nope never had a chance against android. I am curious to see what comes of open webos in the fall.
Michael Benesa
Michael Benesa The social integration in Windows Phones is pretty awesome. Every OS has its strengths and weaknesses and no doubt, Windows has weaknesses as well. But it is a stronger os than people give it credit for and those who knock it really need to use before talking trash.
Hansel Starley
Hansel Starley Not right now. The apps suck ass, the games are old and expensive and the phone specs are all mid range.
Vlad Valentine McBride
Vlad Valentine McBride Everything works better on a windows platform, social integration, contacts, calendars are all in one, scout finds more places around than iPhone, better and easier way to make notes, there are just endless greatness in windows os
CJ Ughamba
CJ Ughamba NO
Daniel Joseph Chateau
Daniel Joseph Chateau I remember how gloriously sad the Windows Phone test went with Microsoft. It wasn't an actual contest.
Daniel Maya
Daniel Maya No ay
Michael Benesa
Michael Benesa @Juan. Fyi... The founder of Apple actually prefers the Windows OS over IOS and Android. Look it up. He carries a Lumia 900 now. And before you laugh at the Zune, its actually a great music player with a gorgeous U.I. If Microsoft has a weakness, its that they are clueless at marketing. Apple and Android are geniuses at marketing but that doesn't make their products superior. And I've used both btw.
Will Campeoni Brice
Will Campeoni Brice windows phones are okay but it lacks in many functions.
Michael Benesa
Michael Benesa I don't understand the craze over android. The OS is cluttered and random. Sure it's customizable but all your doing is minimizing the randomness and clutter. And what's the obsession with the humongous clock taking up half the homescreen? Android is just not an attractive OS. I don't know how many android sites I've seen that are always recommending alternative keyboards and battery savers, and alternate this and that... If you've got A.D.D. and need constant customizations and enjoy a cluttered OS, then stick with Android. Otherwise give Windows Phone a chance. The OS is minimal, gorgeous, and dynamic. Can't wait to see the new Apollo, Windows8 devices this fall. Have a feeling alot more people will come on board and will see the real beauty of this OS.
Russell Allred
Russell Allred Windows makes a phone?
Juan Carlos Munoz
Juan Carlos Munoz Hell no. That's what they get for putting down the iPhone when it first came out. They're bound to fail. Zune anyone? Ha ha ha
Robby Olko
Robby Olko UI is cool but I feel like it would get boring real fast I'll stick with android
Suzan Thompson
Suzan Thompson Great paper weight
Catfish Mentzer
Catfish Mentzer No because lacks the real smart phone features. Smart phones where originally designed for the business and work. Being able to transfer files over wifi,data, blue tooth. And I was told by microsoft that blue tooth is dinosaur. So if it is dinosaur why do most people use it to communicate with ear pieces and computers. Not try finding another excuse to cover up the facts. So based on a commercial they r the beta smart phones not the others as they would try to have u believe.
Dre Ill
Dre Ill @Zach. That's cool and all, but let people have their own opinion! You don't have to hate EVERY TIME Android is mentioned on EVERY SINGLE post!
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Yeah I'm really hating because I don't act like android is so damn amazing and I don't salivate over Everything that these manufacturers churn out.
Christopher Stowe
Christopher Stowe Ehh no I used one for about a week. Too simple. Went back to the iPhone.
Justin Colquitt
Justin Colquitt No they dnt they are out numbered just like blackberry is
Sha Iamthemaster Ramirez
Sha Iamthemaster Ramirez Lol Smh you would think this room is full of researchers.... lol... don't no one know the pros and cons of an OS unless you dealt with the mass majority of each OS... you can't have one phone and compare that one hardware running on that one carrier to the overall platform.... and as far as buggy... there is not perfect software... there are bugs in anything and everything... the more technology advance the more bugs will stand out... as far as apps having ads unless you buy paid version.... ahhhhhh. Common sense... every platform has free apps that have ads.... I got the iPhone 4S for my daughter we both have the iPod touch 4G I'm not even gonna get into all the devices I have and had prior.... at the end of the day... if you want to judge an OS deal with the os first not the phone... unfortunately for IOS there's only one device... and IPhones force close just like any android... iPhone lags just like any android; there are aspect that iPhone trump android in and many that android trumps iPhone in... however with android you don't get one phone... you have to find the phone that best suit you... just like you go shopping for clothes.... you don't buy a watch thinking its value will be as all watches; and the watch will compliment you like all watches will.. no you choose carefully ask questions... people buy cellphones because of the hype of the phone... then their disappointed cause its not what the hype was all about... or its not what they assumed it to be about... you want a great device; do urself a favor and do some research on them...
John Cruz
John Cruz it has a chance unlike blackberry
Jorge A Martir
Jorge A Martir What the hell is wrong with ur webpage bro?
Erik Fernandez
Erik Fernandez The only thing I dislike about wp is the screen customizations, can you put up a screen saver? I really wouldn't want the tiles up, just accessing them is good for me. Can that be done with without modding the phone?
Oleg Demchenkov
Oleg Demchenkov lol NO
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama Windows Phone nearly had me... Then something beautiful came along. Its called the HTC One X, and I'll be upgrading to that.
Luis Carlos Diaz Sananes
Luis Carlos Diaz Sananes I believe Windows has a winner and my bet is that once Windows 8 comes in all platforms they can gain some significant momentum. I have and HTC Radar and is a well tune social machine.
Martin Canales Jr.
Martin Canales Jr. I think WP's are more for younger people, I <3 my WP
Qarla Asuncion Diokno
Qarla Asuncion Diokno Nope, highly impossible. People are sick and tired of Microsoft and its "viruses" and also, developers are not interested in the platform.. lol.
Jonathan Swanagan
Jonathan Swanagan yelp sweet phone !
Nick Johns
Nick Johns I think it will catch on, it'll just take a while. I've never used it but it looks smooth and built well, I think when Windows 8 comes out and all Windows products start to combine it will catch on.
Kristina Nunez-Salemie
Kristina Nunez-Salemie I have android and thinking of goin to windows phone Titan 2 is pretty sweet.
Adrianna Bailey
Adrianna Bailey I meant no it isn't revamped. >.<
Antonio Vazquez
Antonio Vazquez Zach is a moron paid to hate on Android, since every post I see, he's always hating on it, says the guy who owns an iPhone but never changes his display pic lmao. Lumias a good phone but I'll stick to my Galaxy Nexus. 4G and removable batteries for the win!
Ricky Umipig
Ricky Umipig Yes. I've got the best if both worlds. IPhone for personal, L900 for work.
Adrianna Bailey
Adrianna Bailey @Ken Scott. Yes it is revamped. If you're meaning from windows mobile, which my mom had one. So I've experienced one before, and they are COMPLETELY different. Not even to be associated. MS started fresh with WP7. So it is a new OS. And they are gaining major speed in the OS department. More people just need to stop being fanboys and try it all before they judge.
Tyler Charles Christopher
Tyler Charles Christopher Android and windows 7 os are worthy advisorys of each other. I like windows phone 7.5 mango...but i also love android...there are some things about both of them that are draw backs, but can you think of any other OS that dosent? My advise is to look past the OS...focus on the make and a shape size and capabilities of the phone...because if your lug a phone around all day, it needs to be that that fits your style.and between windows 7.5 and android, you will find something for you.
Perro Rosello
Perro Rosello Of course it has. All it needs is to hold its own till it evolves even more. High end superphones, more apps, better quality games, and more robust OS (Windows Phone 8 perhaps)
Ken Scott
Ken Scott @Adrianna Bailey...you can't compare it to android or iOS first year. MS has been around for a while and while WP is a revamped OS it's should be as good as the competition...like webOS was. This is a weak attempt by MS and they will suffer because of it.
Dre Ill
Dre Ill There go Zach again!! I know this is a post about windows survivability, but do you get paid to hate on Android? I mean, you truly are a hater!!!
Jason Joseph
Jason Joseph I think Windows phone can be successful. Just need to focus on the core share that it has and not try to be the #1 platform. It's a great os jus keep keep updates coming on time and great hardware.
Tristan Marineau
Tristan Marineau I got the G1 the day it came out....I've only owned droids since then. But after playing with the lumia I'm sold....if it goes to sprint or tmo it's mine.
Jacky On
Jacky On I don't care how many hate on this phone. Windows Phone is amazing. Microsoft has a lot of money and they invested a lot into this phone. They won't give up without a fight. Plus, they make money from more than just smartphones. There is still plenty of juice left for this phone.
??? ??? ???????
??? ??? ??????? no androids rull all phones
Daniel Schmitt
Daniel Schmitt I think it does I think its growing. I'm switching from android to windows phone because with my android phone I'm always on it 24/7 trying to make it look different and run better with all the battery saver apps that we don't need. Where windows phone just work out of the box and everything is right there where you need it and u don't have to go through a lot of apps ant menus to get to what you want. And I'm going to college in august and I need a phone that will get me the apps and info I need fast. I know windows phones eco system and app store is not amazing right now but with tango and apolo updates coming soon I think windows phone will ease its way to the top. And I think iphone is over selled advertised and talked about cuz everywhere u go someone has the latest iphone
James Oberg
James Oberg Not really. used it now for 2 months. I can't wait for my Evo 4g LTE next Friday. I just find myself thinking way to much about what exactly I want to do on my HTC arrive.
Rawlston Shamik
Rawlston Shamik Yes as log as they keep gaining ground slow unlike ios & android.
Antonio L. Lopez
Antonio L. Lopez Love Mine after 8 Android tried,,Android is like drive Chrysler 300 in NY,,everybody have one,,Windows is like Drive a Maserati,,,heyyyyyyyyy JUST CLASS
Nick Jose
Nick Jose Go windows phone!
Eric Hook
Eric Hook NO
Weylin Skjöld
Weylin Skjöld Window phone does have chance its a good operating system and like everything else its evolving
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial I don't care how many people own android, wp7 is still better.
Kevin Schomer
Kevin Schomer Small one
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Android sucks. And the free apps are usually full of irritating ads that you have to deal with unless you purchase the full version. I really don't get why people love android so much. It's not even that great. It's laggy and buggy as hell , Not to mention fragmented . I don't see myself going back to it any time soon.
Anthony Gibson
Anthony Gibson I just recently switched to the Htc titan, and love it I'll never go back to android again.
Adrianna Bailey
Adrianna Bailey Arent*
Mark Joseph Cruz
Mark Joseph Cruz Nope
Christian Marquez
Christian Marquez No
Adrianna Bailey
Adrianna Bailey How many of you have actually tried one? No lag, as opposed to Android. Better battery. Smoother on a single core. And yes, apps are as plentiful but all the popular apps are there. Compare Androids and iOS first year to Microsofts, they're already ahead of where they where were at this point.
Jonathan Swanagan
Jonathan Swanagan windows phone is the best phone i have ever had. i love this phone i spend hours on my phone
RodrigoyClaudia Salazar
RodrigoyClaudia Salazar I personally think Android slowly but shurle is taking over the mobile industry
Denise Charlton
Denise Charlton Having worked as a cellular agent, windows phones did not sell for us.. I think Android is the way to go! There are so many free apps for Androids..
Lorne Shaggy Sloan
Lorne Shaggy Sloan No
Jimmy Santoyo
Jimmy Santoyo Nope windows phones suck, Nothing but Android
Steve Peoples
Steve Peoples I hope it does because the more OS on the market the better it is for us
Austin Jae
Austin Jae Nope.
Gabe Claussen
Gabe Claussen No way
Fonzy Paniagua
Fonzy Paniagua It Needs Better Apps And Better Multitasking

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