Pantech Crossover vs. LG Phoenix Dogfight Part 1

Sydney Myers
Teen Lifestyle Editor from  Dallas, TX
| June 15, 2011

The Pantech Crossover and the LG Phoenix go head to head in this Dogfight. Both are mid-range Android devices available from AT&T, so which one is better? The Crossover features a sporty, rugged look and a physical keyboard, while the Phoenix is more sleek and polished but it doesn't have a physical keyboard.

In terms of specs, the Crossover and the Phoenix are very similar. They both ship with Android 2.2 along with a custom UI, a 600 MHz processor, and a 3-megapixel camera. If you're on AT&T and all you need is a budget-friendly smartphone, which one should you consider? Check out the Dogfight to find out.

Part 1 of 2.

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