iPhone/Blackberry App: SitOrSquat, now sponsored by Charmin (who else?)

Published: March 26, 2009

Made famous for helping users easily locate clean bathrooms and other amenities, SitOrSquat (which is, by the way, possibly the best name for an app ever) now has a new sponsor, and it's none other than TP kingpin Charmin.

In addition to its involvement with the app, which works on both iPhones and Blackberries, the company is also launching a new global sponsorship of the "SitOrSquat" website. (Huh? There's a website dedicated to this?!) The service works off a Wiki for global bathroom info, and users are encouraged to add content and give feedback when they've used one of the toilets featured there.

"Our goal is to connect Charmin with innovative conversations and solutions as a brand that understands the importance of bringing the best bathroom experience to consumers, even when they're away from home," explained Jacques Hagopian, Brand Manager of Charmin, which is the first toilet paper to partner with a downloadable mobile app.

Innovative conversations about the bathroom experience? (I'm laughing so hard, I had to type that twice due to typos.) Man, that's a lot of serious talk about tinkling. Someone's literally got a case of potty mouth.

It gets even better: According to the press release, Charmin has been dedicated to giving consumers a great public bathroom experience for nearly a decade. It "Charminized" public restrooms at State Fairs in 2000, provided "Potty Palooza"  mobile units from 2003?2005 and offered 20 free Charmin Restrooms in Times Square, making it one of the most popular destinations out there during the holiday season. (Uh, destination or pit stop? You decide.)

Since SitOrSquat launched, more than 1,600 users have downloaded the app, and the website has had over 500,000 unique visitors.

Well, this partnership's a no-brainer. In fact, I wonder why it took so long. SitOrSquat's been in the App Store since last October. I guess when it came time to either get off the pot or - well, you know, Charmin decided to sit and - (oh, forget it! I'm NOT going  there.)