Android fragmentation

The word "fragmentation" has been associated with Android for some time and, although the issue does appear to be slowly getting resolved, a new report shows that many developers still feel that it's a problem. Baird Research recently spoke with 250 developers and asked them whether or not they thought that fragmentation was still an issue plaguing Android. After all was said and done, nearly one-fourth of those polled said that they thought fragmentation was a "Huge Problem," with 87 percent of total respondents viewing fragmentation as a problem. The research firm also found that developers thought that iOS was easier to develop for than Android, although both beat out BlackBerry and Symbian.

Although nearly two-thirds of all Android users are currently running Froyo, it seems that there are still plenty of devs that feel that fragmentation is still a problem for Google's platform. Luckily, we recently heard that Google is working to fight fragmentation by making manufacturers sign non-fragmentation clauses and forcing them to get approval for tweaks made to the OS. What do you make of this survey's results? Do you think fragmentation is still a problem for Android?

Via MobileCrunch, Fortune

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"Is Android fragmentation still a problem?"

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Peter M McDaniel Yes and no. Yes for people who may not feel comfortable moding their phone stuck with pre 2.1. No for people 2.1 and up i say this because most apps run on 2.1 or up w/o any problem. Thing people forgot when they think IOS = Moon cheese cause it has lower frag is this Apple releases 1 main update per year Android has released 2 per year. oh and @Jamie tell anyone at cyanogen that their roms are half baked and you'll probably be put in your place because these guys work day and night making not much profit in the name of better user experience i think you should be ashamed of yourself you obviously know nothing about how hard it is to mod phones in the first place or the price it takes to do it
Noah James Osborne i love the fragmentation. Vanilla android is kinda dull.
Robert Robertson II Yeah all the applications run on there own so I have to close them all out. They run for no reason, that's what I think the problem of being slow is.
Jaime Barraza Yes it's a problem. Flashing some half baked rom is not a viable solution for most people. Plus is takes a long time for roms to become steady for most phones and by the time it is you're desperate for the next version. Owning an Andriod phone means always chasing the rainbow.
Levi Bethel the main problem is the many different UI that overlay the android platform.. google isn't responsible for what every other manufacturer does with the platform.. i feel that the rumors of google taking more control of the platform would actually be a good thing.. but with that said, fragmentation will be a problem for longer than anyone can say.. and i'll continue to use an android phone, as will many other consumers.. apples definitely great, but truth is the world will always be fascinated by the new kid on the block.. and android, even with fragmentation, is still holding its own.. but i think when iPhone 5 comes out i'll be using both android and ios
Robert Centennial You can't really do anything on android giant screens no good movies sites
Noah James Osborne Dats whats up!
Josh Foster @Noah osborne coming right up. Google is implementing a 1gbps download internet connection in Kansas and will expand soon.
Jozef Sakac It is until every Andriod phone is on the same version of Andriod.
Anh-Tuan Le No. Cyanogen solved it like it was a polynomial algebraic problem.
Noah James Osborne Im hood all the way but its "techno geeks" that make life so fun and entertaining. And convenient. Keep it up. Lets make tvs bigger and internet faster.
Noah James Osborne My Samsung Behold da Galaxy 5 is running on Android 26.7 Zebra Cake. Just updated from Xanthum Gum!!!
Dwight L. Burton Android is great. I blaim carriers and phone manufacturers "customizing" Android. Stock Android will always be the way to go.
TB Ogungbadero Yes its a problem, and will remain so until Google forces manufacturer updates.
Nic Gruwell Will always be a problem
Sam Platz My thunderbolt is running on cheesecake.What a bunch of techno geeks.
Mychael Rendón Yes it is
Marti Ruiz Fragmentation is not a problem it is a option
Noah James Osborne After using touchwiz 3.0 i really cant use vanilla. android. I like fragmentation. It brings variety with similar functions and compatibility. The only drawback is updates. U dont like it flash a cooked rom. Who wants there phone to look like everyone elses. Apple??????
Jon Jerico Calanio It was just sad to see people raging about their Motorola Cliq not having their precious Eclair 2.1 update. I was busy enjoying a deodexed CM6 Froyo build then, while someone was already a testing Gingerbread port. Good times.
Marti Ruiz Wh at problem are yo talking about dude
Douglas Prevo You know, you pay on Average 200 bucks for a smartphone when it releases, but you refuse to actually own the phone because of the warranty or because someone is trying to lock you out for their own financial benefit. Take a few baby steps in the right direction, you end up with a rooted phone, an updated and probably optimized OS depending on the ROM, an enhanced understanding of the device you paid for, and a familiarity that will lead to further enjoyment and options into the future.
Michael Patrick But if it is there and part of Android, who wouldn't welcome an update? It's an update, fool, not an undate. NoDo added copy annd paste with minor fixes. You're telling me Windows onwers couldn't wait to install it (NoDo)? These things are released to make the end users experience more enjoyable.
Dylan Johnson I bought an hTC Aria a while back,and AT&T said that it would be updated to Froyo 2.2 "sometime in the near future.... It's the near future, and I don't seenfroyo.
Josh Foster Hahaha true Douglas. They have some of the best developers for any phone out there that's for sure.
Phillip Dill ANDROID ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
Douglas Prevo @Josh Foster: Froyo nothing, my Captivate is running Gingerbread on CM7 Beta :)
Josh Foster Well said Jon.
Jerry Adney Only if they stop publishing source. As long as the source is available then you don't have to wait for the phone manufacturer or your carrier to port new versions. Right now the only real issue is proprietary drivers and software for phone-specific stuff like Wimax radios and HDMI ports. The more they publish, the less fragmentation there is since anyone can port new versions to your device. This is why I've had Gingerbread on my Evo for a little while now but only recently did Wimax work.
Nick Melnick No more than iOS, with the some working on 3, some working on 4, and all new apps requiring 4.
Jon Jerico Calanio Not a lot of people realize that the beauty of Android is its openness. Why not take advantage of it by rooting your phone and installing a superior version of Android compared to official updates? An updated 2.2 Froyo from Samsung or Motorola is nothing compared to the likes of a ported Gingerbread ROM or CyanogenMod's nightly releases.
Esa Edvik Still? Nothing has been done about it :D and Michael, if the OS update HAS NOTHING of value in terms of updates, why whine about them? Most have no idea what they contain and yet they whine on every forum about them. And yes, i've had 2.2 since may or june last year. 2.3 has absolutely nothing new.
Josh Foster Michael if you root you really don't have to worry about updates bc the developers will have it for you. The captivate for att was supposed to get froyo in October of last year and it didn't come (and still hasn't I don't think) but the developers made it happen and the captivate got froyo through custom roms.
Stanley Morris Phone Dog seriously need to invest in new editors ....monotonous
Tim Moore Yeah it's a problem. I mean the mytouch slide JUST got 2.2, almost a year later. That's why I bought a Nexus One last May because I was on the mytouch 3g and was still on 1.6 while they were showing off 2.2 at the Google conference. The new LG phone on t-mobile also only ships with 2.2. Openness is great but not when people are so far behind on certain phones.
Dat Boy Named Dannee DOWN WITH ANDROID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Patrick Yes! I would much rather use an iPhone or Windows than wait 3 months for an update. The Nexus line up is good but not great. Where are the dual-cores? HD7S for now.
Jon Jerico Calanio Fragmentation? I call it diversification.
Josh Foster Without a doubt and I'm a die hard android user. The carriers and manufacturers should not get a choice on releasing new updates. Every update should come from Google. That's why I bought a nexus s because over the next two years or so when everybody is saying oh I don't have android 4.5 jello I can say I do. Fragmentation will forever be a problem in the world of android for normal people that don't want to root unless Google takes control and releases their own updates for every phone.
Steve Peoples to an extent but Google is trying to fix it. Though its not really Google's fault its these greedy lazy companies like Samsung and Motorola who are ruining it by not updating their software.
Fayez Noor @dane: ignore apple. they will b spreading bullshit all the time abt their competitors
Robert Centennial Its battery draining worm poo.
Dane Walton of course, as long as people complain about it, it will be seen as a "problem." p.s. apple's been pointing it out for too long to deny it.
Fayez Noor yes, to some extent. but as a consumer, ill appreciate more effor by developers

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