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We've already seen Android 2.3 for the Samsung Epic 4G leak out a couple of times at this point, but it looks like those of us that would prefer something a little more official/final may not be waiting much longer for our own taste of Gingerbread. According to a source speaking with our pals at SprintFeed, the Epic 4G is currently slated to get updated to Android 2.3 this month. The tipster couldn't divulge a specific rollout date, but July 24th is a possibility that's being kicked around right now.

Remember how we always caution you to take rumors about device and update arrivals with caution? That applies here, too. It's always a possibility that something could change at the last minute or an unforeseen problem could pop up and push the update back further, and we wouldn't want you to waste a vacation day waiting for an update that won't end up coming, would we? We'll be sure to let you know more about the Epic's Gingerbread update when we hear more, though, so keep your boss's number on speed dial.

Thanks Mark!

Via SprintFeed

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"Epic owners, are you ready for some Gingerbread?"

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Angel Miguel Peguero ppl that complaint for the delay complaint to carrier not samsung the original galaxy s got gingerbread months ago
Jabin George abt time. i will it when i see it.
Leon Brandy Not holding my breath. They'll just screw it up like the last few times.
Rhaiza Clarence Tupas AbsoFuckinglutely... hahaha
TY DA TI My Epic is on EF02 right now and im loving having it bundled with an ext4 kernel..... =] Gingerbread Epic-ness mmmmmmm
Jones Robert ...doesnt really matter @ this point cause the GALAXY S2 is coming.
Nathaniel Hull Gingerbread doesnt bring crap really nothin to hold ur piss over
Nathaniel Hull That htc sense 3.0, blows all the others away, samsucks , widgets are half the phone
Eric Mrock Figures this happens 3 weeks after my epic was stolen...
Vincent Cabral Barely!!! Wow that's old
Jason Mason Gingerbread on my evo 4g was a waste,just messed everything up and didnot add anything new,froyo was the best update
Pierce Swan Samsung should have all the variants ready at the same time for all the networks, then more people would feel entitled to buy their phones over competitions! Where's the Vibrant official? Common samsung! Get your crap together! (Modded & Rommed with Gingertweaks anyways)
Jourdan Fletcher I want some ice cream sandwich
Miguel Rosas Joe Arvizu im wit u i had the epic but i switch it for the evo 3D
Joe Arvizu Fu** that I switched my epic for the EVO 3D I was tired of the bull sh** samsuck promises... HTC has better support with their phones with upgrades
David Piepho Hell yeah !
Derrail Smith As ready as I am for my next meal lol
Nathan Wright Atrix pleaseee
James Jamison Hate to tell you but it is easier to upgrade your phone than your software with Samsung...
Kaleb Klee I'm running the leaked gingerbread rom on mine, don't know if its the final build or not, but it is faster than froyo.
Tonio Johnson Ill believe it when I see it, until then, I will wait.
Shivdev Singh Bhatia I know people have been hating on Samsung but if you have an android phone shouldn't you be able to put any rom on it? I know so many people who have one of the galaxy s phones and have cm7 on. Isn't that the whole point of android. :p
Fan OfDreaming @Latifah The Evo already got 2.3. Check 4 ur update
Fan OfDreaming Wow... Finally getting it? Good job Samsung *sarcasm*
Latifah Haynes @Martin...I meant sense 2.1 along w/ it. The gingerbread 2.3 upgrade really didn't make a difference on the evo, because the was no major changes.
Oliver Ojtj HELL YEAH
Anthony Douglas But Sprint has the best plans & to me customer service...its sad I have to educate Verizon t2 on things....
Zachary Daniel Meyer Wish people didn't spread rumors.... I'm sure it'll be like the froyo debacle, unless samsprint has a change of heart
Anthony Douglas Verizon released a firmware update this afternoon & all it gave me was a MyVerizon app which should have been standard. I worked for Sprint for many years & would still have their service is it did not stop working in my area. Epic is a nice device wish Samsung would STOP making plastic phones....reminds me of the Palm Pre ROFL Im sorry the HP Veer or whatever its called now :) Enjoy your Gingerbread Sprint users...jealous over here!!!!
Levi Copher What is the big advantage of gingerbread? My girlfriend has it on evo 4g and I don't see anything worth getting that excited about. I do like my epic better than evo even without it.
Sammy Feliciano awesome! its comingwith TW4 right?
Frank Valle Wat about Samsung vibrant for t-mo???
Shatia Lonesome yessss! i don't want to wait 6 months, like we had to for froyo, which [imo] wasn't even worth it. -_-
Martin Estrada @latifah gingerbread was released about a month ago for the EVO 4g
Ajay Galhan I've had gingerbread on my HTC hero for a couple days now...
Alberto Garcia Flores What about galaxy s 4G for T-Mobile?
Elliott Rodriguez What is it christmas? A little too late for gingerbread
DAvid RC Hell YES!!! WHEN and WHERE? and Most importantly , Does it Work Properly? :)
Kwasi Bodkin Please captivate be next
Latifah Haynes Evo shift got it, but not the evo....any hope?
Ray Nadeau I'm happy now, but any update is a good update
Paris Coke ive been waiting, fuck is it at?
Felipe Bautista Got my gingerbread update on my EVO Shift last week.
Hans Jaramillo If Sprint is getting it, that means Verizon may not be (too) far behind haha
Josue Cifuentes this is my fave phone from the galaxy series
Robert Salender Fascinate?
Salomon Murillo Yeah, but if there are any delays i can wait besides i still like froyo.
Josue Galan Man you talking about 10 of them ha ha jk

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