Leak shows Sprint blacking out vacations during first half of October, iPhone may be to blame

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| September 9, 2011

Sprint mid-October blackout

Heads up, Sprint users: it looks like something big may be headed your way. A new image sent to our friends at SprintFeed shows that the Now Network has blacked out the dates from September 30th through October 15th "due to the possibility of a major phone launch in October." This blackout period means that Sprint won't approve requests for time off from its employees during the aforementioned two week period.

Obviously the first thing that comes to mind here is "OMG Sprint iPhone!" since there have been a number of reports claiming that the device will be launching by mid-October. Considering that the Samsung Epic 4G Touch will have already been released by the time this blackout rolls around and Sprint doesn't have any other "major phones" in the pipeline (that we know of), it looks like Apple's new smartphone may indeed be the cause of the vacation block. The one thing I know for sure is that all of you out there may want to get your popcorn ready, because watching the Epic 4G Touch and iPhone 5 launch within a month or so of one another and then duke it out for the hearts and minds of Sprint users everywhere is going to be pretty awesome.

Via SprintFeed