Motorola DROID 3 update now available, includes Google Talk with video and a host of fixes

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| September 29, 2011

Motorola DROID 3

Motorola DROID 3 owners, start your update engines. Motorola has announced on its official support forums that an update for the DROID 3 has begun rolling out in stages and is also available to manually pull by going to Menu > Settings > About phone > System updates. The new software is build number 5.6.890, weighs in at 57.6MB, and includes a number of goodies such as Google Video Talk support, better battery life, and improved clarity for incoming calls and navigation. You can check out the full change log below.

We've know about this update for the better part of September, which is probably a tad longer than most DROID 3 owners would've liked, but it's good to see the new software finally starting to make its way to D3 users across the land. DROID 3 folk, be sure to give us a shout in the comments below once you get the update installed!

Call Features

  • Improved audio clarity for incoming calls and navigation.
  • No longer receive urgent notifications from Visual Voice Mail.

Email and Messaging

  • EAS policies can now limit personal email.
  • After setting up “Other” email accounts, user is now taken back to “Adding Accounts” page.
  • Yahoo!® emails show correct time-date stamp.

Applications and Widgets

  • Google Video Talk now comes preloaded.
  • V CAST Media Manager now comes preloaded.
  • Geo-tagging feature works properly.
  • Successfully subscribe to News App bundles.
  • Successfully launch GoToMeeting®.
  • When selecting to return “Home” in V CAST Video on Demand, the correct video will play.
  • V CAST App Store menu now functions correctly.
  • Streaming video is now available within the NFL Mobile app.
  • Improvements in the stability and connection of the Data widget.
  • Improvements in the stability of VZ Navigator®.
  • City ID now displays country name when receiving international calls.
  • SWYPE® keyboard cursor no longer skips to auto signature.
  • Backup Assistant no longer displays “Network Unavailable” error message.

Additional Device Features

  • Improved camera shutter speed and addition of multi-shot capability.
  • Correct charging indication displayed while on the Wireless Charging Pad.
  • Improved stability reduces camera, browser and device lockups/force close.
  • Access My Verizon without any force close errors.
  • Display screen no longer flickers.
  • Airplane Mode works properly while toggling rapidly.
  • GPS updates now install properly.
  • Improved battery life.
  • The Startup animation sound will no longer play when the device is in “Silent Mode”.
  • Guided Tours now available for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®.
  • When display is locked and rotating camcorder is in use, the display is no longer distorted.
  • Improvements in the functionality and stability of the SWYPE messaging feature.
  • Device no longer overheats after prolonged use of camera or camcorder.
  • Device no longer force closes while in Landscape Mode and the Apps Tray button is selected.

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