AT&T/T-Mobile merger is dead; The truth about Carrier IQ; Droid 4 leaked images and more!

Sydney Myers
Teen Lifestyle Editor from  Dallas, TX
| December 26, 2011

Big news came last week regarding the proposed merger between AT&T and T-Mobile. AT&T decided to drop the acquisition. Apparently, it couldn't handle all of the heat it was getting from the government or felt that it didn't stand a chance. So, for all of you who were against the merger, rejoice! For everyone who was for it, I'm sorry. There are other options for T-Mobile which we discussed during the show. Will Dish partner with the struggling carrier? Will Clearwire sell off some of its spectrum? Or will AT&T and T-Mobile end up partnering since they can't entirely merge? These are good questions to consider and they all have benefits for T-Mobile. It will exciting to see what happens within the next few months.

We continued the show with another big story, Carrier IQ. Carrier IQ has been getting a lot of (bad) press lately for its software that many claim is invading our privacy. This software is so controversial that the government has stepped in to perform its own investigation. But is Carrier IQ really the bad guy? Who should take the blame for the fallout? The truth might surprise you. Watch that segment to see what I had to say about it. We moved on to two quick stories on new leaks about the Motorola Droid 4 as well as some updates on Apple recent court battles with HTC and Samsung. We finished off the show with an open Q&A. Check out the video above and the timeline below. See you on Friday for another live show!


PhoneDog Live Podcast #31

Timeline of Discussion:

  • 2:10 - Win a Samsung Focus S! Follow @PhoneDog_Aaron on Twitter and Tweet: Win an #ATT Samsung Focus S in the #PhoneDogGiveaway! Follow @PhoneDog_Aaron and view full details @
  • 4:09 - AT&T decides to drop its plans to acquire T-Mobile, what now?
  • 14:57 - The truth about Carrier IQ
  • 25:54 - Droid 4 launch date and images leaked
  • 29:32 - Updates on court battles with Apple, HTC, and Samsung
  • 32:54 - Coming Soon! Ultimate Fanboy Battle
  • 37:00 - Open Q&A