Sprint $100 switcher credit offer leak

If you're currently on a carrier other than Sprint but have been considering jumping ship to the Now Network, a new leaked document has shown that Hesse and Co. may soon try to entice you to make the switch. According to an image sent to SprintFeed, Sprint is planning to begin sending out $100 service credit offers to select prospective customers in an attempt to convince them to switch to Sprint. The promotion will apparently involve two different tactics.

Some folks will reportedly begin being notified of the deal on their phones starting March 7th. The customer will be able to register their email and phone number on a Sprint website and then must port their number and activate an account with Sprint by April 18th. The user must then stay with Sprint for at least 30 days to receive the $100 credit, which will be given within three billing cycles.

Others will receive notification of the offer via a direct mailer. These pieces of mail will allegedly start going out on March 19th and will contain a special code that must be entered when a person is activating their new Sprint account. Customers that receive a mailer must activate their account by April 15th. It's also worth noting that, in addition to being able to port their number into Sprint, anyone that receives a piece of snail mail from Sprint will also be able to get a new number.

We've seen Sprint introduce a number of promotions in an attempt to keep existing customers happy and entice non-customers to jump to the Now Network. This latest deal seems like a decent one, especially if you were thinking about switching anyway. It's not yet clear exactly how Sprint decides who will be getting a shot at the promo, but if you think this is something you might qualify for (perhaps maybe you're nearing the end of your current contract), it may be worth keeping your eye out for something on your phone or in your mailbox from Sprint.

Via SprintFeed

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"$100 is a nice incentive. Would you switch to Sprint?"

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Anthony V Cannata
Anthony V Cannata Nope I'll stay with Verizon so much better service!
Courtney DeLoach
Zachary OBrien
Zachary OBrien heck no! verizon is 100000x better than sprint. Verizon LTE> Verizon 3G >Verizon 1X> Sprint
Anthony Biddle
Anthony Biddle I'm not leaving Verizon wireless I don't care if sprint offer me the Same plan or better with an update for life whenever they have a new phone that came out.
tanjiro Sprint's 3G is incredibly fast where I live in Indiana. Much faster than Verizon or AT&T's 3G. If only Verizon had LTE here :(
luozhicheng no way verizons way better
Steve Moore
Steve Moore No
Gerald Mccrae
Gerald Mccrae I have sprint and Verizon and I can truly tell you that sprint service sucks sprint and AT&T service is great only if your not coming from Verizon it is hard as hell to leave Verizon shit. Verizon is top dog
Anonymous 4G speeds in Hawaii outshines my home internet service which I pay $60/month
Reese Woodson
Reese Woodson Sprint sucks a**, their 3G here in L.A. is slow as hell, and their Wimax is a joke. You can barely get signal in doors. I don't care if their data is unlimited. I tried them and ran back to AT&T. No wonder they're bleeding customers.......
Ben Conover
Ben Conover CDMA, bad coverage, and horrible speeds? No thanks, I'll stick with my at&t. Not insanely cheap but much better than the others...
Susie Vierling Jain
Susie Vierling Jain I have Sprint and have had excellent customer service . And love my epic 4g
Mitch Lopez
Mitch Lopez Not on your life. Their coverage is worse than AT&T.
Jeremy Ingram
Jeremy Ingram I can't speak for outside of my city but Sprint needs to work on way better coverage/signal strength, the signal goes in and out way too much for no reason they need to juice up the power on those towers so that signal will be consistent. (I mean everywhere I've gone so far I have had coverage, but signal just constantly goes in and out for no reason and that's just sitting in one place. Another thing is their so called "3g" network with slow edge speeds. I mean come on... I have never on any other carrier had problems watching a youtube video in HQ while on 3g. It is almost completely hopeless on sprint's 3g network. I really like the phone I have with Sprint (Evo 3d) but I am thankful the phone supports wifi. Without wifi I wouldn't be able to enjoy all the things the phone can do (especially downloading/streaming any content; apps, games, movies etc). I can text and make calls just fine on the network for the most part, but if Sprint's going to stay in the game they need to work on network speed, and signal strength. I like the whole truly unlimited data, but what good is that with terribly slow and overly spotty network. I don't get 4g where I'm at. A certain small area of my city does, but that does me no good. Plus from what I've heard the speeds of Sprint's 4g network are that to the 3g speed's of other Networks. With the addition of the same signal inconsistency as Sprint's 3g network. I will stay with my phone and Sprint for now, but I hope they work on making a better network that's more reliable and powerful as their competitors. Of course that's Sprints network for me, and people I've talked to outside of my city/state (Tulsa, Oklahoma) How is it for others?
Joy Balanay
Joy Balanay Nope I've had sprint before and didn't like it! AT&T with my iPhone 4 and I pay $70 a month thanks to my 15% discount from work :)
??? i agree whole heartedly with the previous post..
KoDy Designed ByCrime
KoDy Designed ByCrime Never! Sprint lost me as a customer when they got the iphone
Alisha Michelle Hull
Alisha Michelle Hull I've been with Sprint for several years now...and honestly, the only reason Ive stayed is because they have unlimited data. The customer service is horrible. Currently, I have the HTC EVO and its been horrible!!! I'm on my 6th one because IF they repair it or order you a "new" one, you always get a refurb. Seriously...the customer service is the worst. The people in the stores treat you like you're an idiot.....the people on the phone/corporate side treat you like your a child. It's rediculous. Plus, they have taken away all the perks we used to get by being a loyal customer....if another network had unlimited data, I'd switch in a heartbeat.
Julio Ortiz
Julio Ortiz I just left sprint and went to t mobile better service and better speeds way cheaper !!!
Jaevz Chavez
Jaevz Chavez Never going back "! Happy with Verizon.
Catherine Ashley Unger
Catherine Ashley Unger No way! I'm happy with AT&T. Sprint customer service is and has always been horrible.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Sprints network is horrible so is the customer service..its so slow pages would time out before they loaded couldn't watch YouTube or anything.. glad I'm with Verizon now ..
Rashaud Cook
Rashaud Cook LoL I like em all, they are not perfect
Antonio Vazquez
Antonio Vazquez NEVER, im happy on Verizon with my HTC Rezound, fast 4G, good prices actually as i pay $70 a month, and yes i pay my bill and im 21, been paying it ever since i got, screw Sprint and their horrible network
Michael Ford
Michael Ford Zero chance...? Products, features, price.....
Jacob Martin
Jacob Martin No
Mary Foley Whalen
Mary Foley Whalen Ummm. No.
Jeff Hammond
Jeff Hammond There is a little thing called research, people. Do it before you buy anything. Why don't you find out what 4g is or if it's available in your area first. Hell half of you think the iPhone 4/4s is 4g probably. Sprint isn't perfect, but they are the best bang for my buck.
Nick Naylor
Nick Naylor Sprint needs to put out new phone if it wants to keep customers...
David Barnes
David Barnes Why?
Renee White
Renee White I got one for ya..sprint sold us some real expensive 4g phones...but guess what..after we got them we called to tell them we couldn't get the 4g to work...guess what they told us...oh...that's because you don't get 4g coverage in your area...we have had so much trouble from sprint..I could write a book seriously...tell ya what sprint...if you pay me a thousand bucks I will switch to a better company!! The phone I have now..is my 6th phone because they kept sending me ones that didn't work!!
Marcus NinersEmpire
Marcus NinersEmpire Verizon suck ass they add shit to your account... Att fckn weak with other data plans... Sprint the shit.. 6yr running with them
Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith Sprint is faster than the over populated AT&T. I have one of the best phones on the market and save the most money! I love Sprint and my Galaxy S2 Epic
champion_eric Based on reviews of Sprint's service, not a chance. Bump it to $200 and we'll talk.
Emmanuel Ramos
Emmanuel Ramos In my area Sprint Works exelent, 3g/4g unlimited data, dont trottle speed, worths every single peny... San Juan PR ... Htc Evo 4g
Eduardo Giraldo
Eduardo Giraldo Well this is Facebook so we say whatever the f****k we want
Eduardo Giraldo
Eduardo Giraldo Sprint and iPhone 4s worst combination
Juventino Sepulveda Jr
Juventino Sepulveda Jr ok , people. # 1 where is A GOOD RECEPTION, THE SPEED IS GOOD, TO VERY GOOD., # 2, if you are a aprint customer, and you dont like sprint, HELLO. GO SOMEHEREELSE. #3 if you are not a customer fromn sprint and you dont like sprint, WTF are you doing in the sprint page.
Mario Enrique Canario
Mario Enrique Canario Look in facebook for Sprint Sucks...
Mark Belkowski
Mark Belkowski No way as i left them for verizon in june.
Ivan Pineiro
Ivan Pineiro Sprint may be slow but I get UNLIMITED data and NO THROTTLING :)
Travis Lindley
Travis Lindley Especially when my other phone is an iPhone on AT&T with unlimited everything for $45/month no contract
Jason Russ
Jason Russ I have Sprint currently and I have slow data in my area also but alot of things will be changing with sprints network in the next 12-18 months work has already started.
Travis Lindley
Travis Lindley Yay! For a little over $100/month with sprint now, I get a massive 450 minutes a month, 3g speeds the rival the 2g speeds of everyone else, and a customer service department who doesn't know their ass from a hole in the ground. And don't forget as an added bonus, I get to pay an extra $5/month just because I won't sign up for automatic billing on my debit card. If I wasn't a customer already, I'd be the first to sign up! Don't know if I can even wait til my contract's up; thinking more and more about taking the hit and cancelling...
Launi Lewis
Launi Lewis I am in the NO WAY club, had sprint for 8 yrs they kept charginbg me fee's for another state I didn't live in. Customer service was always telling me I could save money with xxx plan, then once I got the bill it was always more expensive. Customer Service is horrible. Love Verizon now.... always friendly
Jose Ramos
Jose Ramos No fn way...
Bob Fitzgerald
Bob Fitzgerald Nope, service sucks in Raleigh, NC.
Richard Ortiz
Richard Ortiz nope, costs me 300 to end my T-Mo contract...
Daniel Arenas
Daniel Arenas Sprint is good but way to expensive, it's just like giving a month free of service!
Oscar Alvarado
Oscar Alvarado sprint is slow even if it has full bars
Tyler Kirchman
Tyler Kirchman Never had virginmobile for awhile and terrible service and download speeds suck
Henry Murillo
Henry Murillo Give me a 4s and the 100 and I might think about it
Kent Skiles
Kent Skiles Nope
Sparkel Travis Hendricks
Sparkel Travis Hendricks Never had any problems with sprint im loving my galaxy s 2 the phone and the service is good to me. im a satisfied costomer
Pete Simpson
Pete Simpson not a chance, staying with verizon, better coverage
Amber Greene
Amber Greene Nope
Alcantar Apple
Alcantar Apple hey this would be awesome if all the phone companys gave us a 1 year contract like if you agree :)
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez Jose Espinal: True, I pay $120, but I'm not complaining. Sprint's data coverage in Chicago is horrible, and the no voice/data at the same time was a deal breaker for me. Team AT&T.
Tina McClay
Tina McClay Don't do it! It will cost you in the long run! Trust me on this
Jorge J-ota Hernandez Gonzalez
Jorge J-ota Hernandez Gonzalez I had Sprint for about 8 years now and no complaints at all. Awesome customer service and service in my area (Philadelphia, PA but I'm in Puerto Rico at the moment) is great always 4 bars or more.
Tom Allen III
Tom Allen III We'd switch if they'd pay for us to break our contracts for 3 lines on a family plan, offer extreme discounts on new devices, seeing as how we can't ours with us, and lastly, if and only if they guaranteed the bill amount for the duration of the contact. PM me Sprint if this is possible! LOL
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez No, not in this lifetime. Sprint's 3G coverage for the iPhone is horrendous. :(
Angel Miguel Peguero
Angel Miguel Peguero Sprint in nyc is good dont know about other stated
Rigo Sanchez
Rigo Sanchez hell yah stop dealing with D.A ATT there c.s.suck's
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz My mom says we are moving to sprint because their plans are cheaper and better.
Cynthia Flores
Cynthia Flores I just wish they gave $ to those loyal to stay with them and bring back the perks ...
Stephanie Wall
Stephanie Wall I had sprint their data have gotten slow and I don't like how now u have to pay 10 each line for data premium crap and if u don't sign up with auto pay u have to pay 4 something for each line so not worth it. I'm happy with my 4g lte with Verizon I don't mind paying more least my phone works all the time. I guess its good for someone who's not a hard data user to each its own :)
Richard Ameen
Richard Ameen People who are bashing sprint. Get a life. Theyre a great company and their network isnt as fast as verizon and not quite as relaible, but their plans are a shit ton cheaper than the big jew network verizon, theyre second most reliable after verizon, and they have unlimited data. All the people wooting for verizon are probably pre teen kids whos parents pay for their service anyways, have them start paying for verizon and theyd think sprint is damn good
Jose Espinal
Jose Espinal btw i have a iphone 4s and i pay $80 but if you go with att and verizon you will end up paying like 120 for something thats only like 700 min and thats it
Carlos Guerrero
Carlos Guerrero HELL NO!!
Nathan Lytle
Nathan Lytle Already did! :)
Tim Killian
Tim Killian no
Eric Kroh
Eric Kroh No...$10 for 4g...really?
Richie Barrett Jr
Richie Barrett Jr Bad customers service bad sale people 4g no good too slow ripiff for customers on unlimited. On data like hotspot for computer change limited3gb watch out for new 4g lte it might change unlimited. To 3gb on smartphones lookout if happen
George Deleija
George Deleija Lol at Sprint desperate attempt ... Step it up! Verizon all day!
Jose Espinal
Jose Espinal point blank att and verizon are overpriced and if you want something unlimited just go to sprint its just 80$ and its not slow like half of those other people are saying that never had sprint so fuck off and hop off their dick sprint all day
Zach Ernst
Zach Ernst I'm on Sprint :P
Austin Albert
Austin Albert A*
Kyle Cordiano
Kyle Cordiano No.
Austin Albert
Austin Albert I prefer i carrier that actually works.. Team at&t
Rick Wilson
Rick Wilson i owe sprint too much for past ETF's. they wouldn't take me back unless i made a healthy deposit.
Jesse Pitt
Jesse Pitt Ha Sprint in my area only has 1x and my current carrier ATT has 4g....hmmm what to do..
Amanda Penny
Amanda Penny Hell no... With Verizon .. I can't leave my unlimited data plan for Sprint! I will never go back. Horrible customer service!
Vincent Jean
Vincent Jean Left sprint with no etf, and went to Verizon .. been happy ever since
JMichael Rodriguez
JMichael Rodriguez I would switch, but At&t in my area is superior.
Jordan Acosta
Jordan Acosta Victor Rios que celular tienes en sprint?????
Jordan Acosta
Jordan Acosta Sprint unlimited plans hahahahaha.....
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider i have sprint.. i get a new phone in june.. i wonder what i will get.. maybe the Note, maybe the iphone.. mmmmmm
Victor Rios
Victor Rios *now
Victor Rios
Victor Rios I already have Sprint and I'm not eligible for an upgrade and I am taking it cause I want the Samsung GSII Epic 4G Touch.
Joshua Becker
Joshua Becker Besides, I owe Sprint $554.00
Matt Peters
Matt Peters I like the pricing, but the Verizon data network puts the Sprint one to shame, at least where I live. With no chance of 4G in the next two years, I'd have to pass. Not to mention, their customer service dept is ridden with incompetence.
Joshua Becker
Joshua Becker No way in hell.
Demeko Thomas
Demeko Thomas Hell and peaople sayin no ur dumb sprint has the best contract payments i pay 150$ for 4 lines unlimited messaging mobil to mobil unlimited 3g and 4g and ive been with them for 2 years nice compony
Tim Gruber
Tim Gruber U.S. Cellular does this all the time...
Michael Buchko Jr.
Michael Buchko Jr. They used to offer $125, so nope.
Jorge A Martir
Jorge A Martir Hell no... Their network suck
Orrin Tall
Orrin Tall Sprint doesn't have good coverage in Arizona.Plus their data speed is much slower than Verizon.Big red is expensive but the coverage area n data speed is better.Plus I still have the old real unlimited data plan at $30 :)
Brian Busyapongpakdee
Brian Busyapongpakdee I was actually thinking of switching to Sprint from AT&T before this when my contract ends in July but this definitely makes it a lot easier.
Tim Cline
Tim Cline I have an awesome deal from Tmobile and it would take a lot more than $100 to get me to consider moving after 8 yrs
Paul Alexandru
Paul Alexandru I'm in France oops sorry :)
Richard Lindberg
Richard Lindberg I switched to sprint from t mobile and am paying $80 less with more features. And my internet speeds have been comparable to t mobile in my area. If only they would turn on 4G, then it would be great. Besides, I use between 7&8 GB/month myself, and with all the phones, we are over 10GB a month. The no throttle is the lifesaver for me.
Daniel J. Kinder
Daniel J. Kinder shame
Daniel J. Kinder
Daniel J. Kinder too bad im a customer already and i cant get a hundred bucks, and ive brought 4 lines from att
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson what about money to make me stay? im getting bored with no amazing phones comming to sprint... mwc just happened and i didnt hear of anything coming my way
Michael Nigro
Michael Nigro Not for any amount AT&T all the way!
George Millhouse
George Millhouse NEVER
Ateeth Kosuri
Ateeth Kosuri Sprint is the best for the $$....only about $70 for unlimited text+web and 500 mins...I pay $40 for the exact same because I know people but that's far from the point
Juan Jose Rios
Juan Jose Rios I was when I first saw this post, but after reading the other comments I'll pass.
Shomari Alejandro Hollis
Shomari Alejandro Hollis they shud keep that money and work on this insanely slow crappy network
Frank Welter
Frank Welter Nope I like my phone to work. Our office manger has sprint and needs to stand by a window or go outside to use the phone.
Claire Smith
Claire Smith Don't do it! I was with Sprint and after a year of having them they raised their hidden fees so much that my bill was over $150 for one phone :( Had trouble with their connectivity too.Bad service that's overpriced.
Jeradiah R Williams
Jeradiah R Williams No
Jon Vosko
Jon Vosko $100 is not enough
Amie Lee Greenway
Amie Lee Greenway Let's see...$100 won't pay for the fee to get out of contract with Verizon and Sprint's network is slower than a dead snail. NOT!
Priscilla Insley Lloyd
Priscilla Insley Lloyd Never, not for any amount.
Doug Zandstra
Doug Zandstra I just broke my contract with sprint with no ETF's due to the new discount structure on the family plans. I was with sprint 6 years. I went to AT&T and I have been very happy. I have seen up to 6mbps download speeds on our iPhone 4s.
Rachel Hendricks
Rachel Hendricks In a word: No.
Amy Sparks-Harris
Amy Sparks-Harris oh great!! we just got sprint 2 weeks ago,now they r given out money!! wtf
Joel Elizondo
Joel Elizondo Sprint is painfully slow :(
George Kosta Petroff
George Kosta Petroff Dial up is faster!
Alcantar Apple
Alcantar Apple is sprint better then verizon i just need to know cause verizon is killing us with these monthly bills and credit is 50 it used to be 100 what happened verizon and how come you got no more promotions like buy one get one free were is that at???
Jordan Acosta
Jordan Acosta SPRINT IS BETTER THEN at&t and verizon.
Joe Czo
Joe Czo Sprint unlimited slow data
Jason Ramos
Jason Ramos lol pathetic
Konner Shea
Konner Shea no sprint is the slow network

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