Do you watch full-length movies on your phone?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| Published: October 26, 2012

I love being able to access media from my device. As the options for gaining access to new things, I just become more of a happy camper. Sure, I wish my phone had a better battery some days, especially the days where I’m trying to watch different videos, or check multiple social networks more often than I normally do. I can’t be too upset, though. It lasts a day, and I’m usually always able to find a way to charge my device when, and if, I need to.

It isn’t a secret that watching videos on my device is a sure-fire way to kill the battery, though. And while I never used to watch all that many videos on my phone before, even with apps like Netflix readily available, I’m finding that I’m doing it a lot more recently. Just two weeks ago I watched my first feature-length movie on my phone, and it wasn’t that terrible of an experience.

But I’m wondering if there’s a limit that you have for the length of a movie you’ll watch. Or video in general.

I’ve watched plenty of YouTube videos on my phone before. In fact, there was a point in time that I was forming a nice musical playlist there, and so I was accessing YouTube quite a bit to listen to music that I hadn’t downloaded yet. The music video was a nice bonus, too. Sure, I did it mostly for the music itself, but I would watch the videos, too. The smaller screen doesn’t bother me, because the content is still the same.

I hear quite the opposite a lot, though. I know there are people out there who refuse to watch movies, or any videos for that matter, on their phone simply because it’s too small. They’d rather watch it on their TV, or better yet in the movie theatre. And I can understand that, because I love watching movies in a movie theatre.

That’s probably why using your device as a second screen, and transmitting a movie from your phone to a TV is something that’s worthwhile to people out there. I’d much rather just have an ecosystem that lets me download it on one, and watch it on another. So much easier that way.

Still, I never thought I’d watch a full-length movie on my phone. Other than being on an airplane, I never thought I’d actually have the time to do it. But when the time came up, and I was able to turn on a movie and watch it all the way through, with a minimal amount of interruptions (text messages!), it was actually well worth it. It killed the time that I needed to kill, and it was better than just sitting on some social networking site and hitting the refresh option over and over again.

That was more than two hours of a movie I watched on my phone. With a smaller screen, and sound that wasn’t surrounding me, it was definitely a different experience. But, I had a comfortable seat, and the movie I was watching had my attention to the point where I didn’t really notice the gentle light leak from the bottom of the display, or that I wasn’t watching it on a TV.

Using our smartphones to watch videos is a great feature, there’s no doubt about that in my opinion. And while it’s great that we are able to move full-length movies onto them and have them at our convenience, I can’t help but wonder if it’s normal for people to watch full-length movies, at any given time.

I’m also asking this because I’ve now watched four parts to 343 Industries’ and Microsoft’s Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, and I haven’t minded that at all. Watching small bits of a larger film in this regard has been really great, especially considering it isn’t that long, and I can start it, finish it, and then move on without having to worry about pausing half-way through a two-hour long movie.

So tell me, Dear Reader. Have you ever watched a full-length movie on your phone? Not on your tablet, but specifically on your smartphone. If you haven’t, is it due to the size and sound options, or just because you’d much rather prefer to watch it on a larger display? Or is it because of time? Let me know!

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