Speaking of being ungrateful about our devices, I experienced another ungrateful moment today where I wished my phone’s camera was better. I don’t even necessarily mean higher megapixels, but something that’s a little more stable at least. Something a little more advanced, something a little more… Lumia! That’s exactly what kind of camera I want to see in my phone – one that uses the same PureView technology that comes in the Nokia Lumia 920.

Perhaps that’s one of the things that has been drawing me to the Lumia this whole time. I’ve been pretty impressed from what I see from the Lumia, and while Windows Phone 8 may not be my platform of choice (at the moment) I was always pretty impressed from the pictures it took. Even this article from Gizmodo shows just how awesome the Lumia 920’s camera is, even when challenged with low-lit environments (even though the article was meant to show how bad the new BlackBerry Z10’s camera is, all I saw was how wonderful the Lumia 920’s camera was). While I do have an actual 16-megapixel camera that I own, I much prefer the convenience of being able to use my phone as a camera; as long as the conditions are right, I usually do. But that’s just the thing. The conditions have to be just right in order for me to be able to take good pictures.

“Successful conditions” almost never come in the form of taking pictures of my ever-moving-never-stopping-not-even-for-a-second toddler. Even in the rare case where I do get him to sit still for a moment, as soon as I get the camera all ready to go he’s on the move again. Snap! Blurry. Blur after blur I get to see just how quickly my son can move. It’s times like these where I realize that while megapixels are nice, they’re not the complete package. Even a 41-megapixel camera would be nothing more than a big number without the right sensors that can support clear picture-taking; it really does make a big difference.

I sincerely hope that I can see some Nokia devices being sold by Sprint sometime in the near future. Sprint has announced that they will be carrying variations of Windows 8 devices later this year, but I’m led to believe Nokia will not be a manufacturer of any of these devices. In the slim chance that they do sell Nokia devices that feature PureView technology, I’ll have my decision on what phone I decide to upgrade to come July.

What makes PureView so great though?

Nokia prides itself in its PureView technology because they’ve improved some of the biggest problems in phone cameras. As shown from the Gizmodo article mentioned previously, the Nokia Lumia 920 really does take a hard-to-see subject in the dark and turns it into a clearly defined image with minimal lighting. It also features optical image stabilization, which is what would be the most important for objects (or people) on the move that is the subject of the photo.

When you look at the image comparison, without any prior knowledge of what you’re looking at it looks like those images could have been taken by a range of different megapixels. At best, the Lumia 920 and the Galaxy S III are comparable in clarity, but not lighting. The PureView technology really shines through in low-light situations, which is pretty fantastic for a phone.

It’s probably going to be a while before phones can catch up to the quality of a good compact camera; in fact, it may never happen. But for something that started off as just being able to make phone calls, they sure have come a long way and I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually got to that point.

Readers, how important is camera quality to you? Does the quality matter to you, or would you rather have a separate device as your main picture-taking source? Let me know what you think in the comments!  

Image via CNet

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Jarrett Lennon Kaufman My phone's favorite feature is my eyes. It's captivated by them.
Kristen Woodward The camera on my Lumia 900... The keyboard is probably the worst feature of it.
Teron Facey NFC and the huge 3300mah battery nuff said.
Jannis Anderson Google now
Cookie Mitchell Galaxy reveb love touch wiz
Andrew Bissel Fast processor/graphics
Ryan Rees-Williams Nokia CityLense
Su Zahir Oh I almost forgot Poweramp. The best Android Music app
Su Zahir Ability to minimize videos while checking an emails. On my S3
Rani Hinnawi I can use it to call people
Anonymous android 4.0.4...destroying bloatware like a bauss XD
Tyler Frodl Camera and... Battery life :x no one can make a phone that I can't kill in 9 hours our less
Paul Keefe HD screen and pure android experience
Javier Sanchez Ojeda multi screen on my big screen g note 2
Joel Diaz Android
Håvard Ulsaker Samsung TouchWiz and all the unique features Premium Suit has to offer.
Ankit Kumar Nag well if I am an amount of 38000 then then i want a lot in my phone
Cezzar Micu Very good cam and excellent battery on my note... And the screen size/color of course
Sean Watson Screen and beats audio. Then camera
Nick Catelli Stability and software integration. It makes dealing with media and my work files seamless which means I spend more time being productive and less time fiddling with manually dragging and consolidating files and media. Don't get me wrong, I love android, but my 4S has been a more efficient machine than I ever could've thought.
John Smith And oh yeah screen size g note 2 :-)
John Smith S note on the g note 2.....
Aleksandar Sataric Stereo Speakers, Amoled Screen, Nokia Belle :D
Jose Angel Santiago Paper artist gnote 2
Angel Jewels The sg3 is by far the best phone I've ever owned. The only phone I've ever had that had no glitches since day one. That being said, with all the fabulous bells and whistles, I am still disappointed in Call quality. I still have a land line for those long chats with friends because cell phones still sound like cell phones. & I too have come to enjoy (& depend on my phone as my camera). It's all I use anymore. So improvement there would be fantastic.
Shafii Sigera G note, Snote
Anthony Lasam Bluetooth. I like being able to transfer files to a computer that way. :)
Kyle Cordiano Galaxy nexus... Software updates.
George Millhouse Darrell let me guess you have an iCrap? That's a true kiddie phone
Steve Johns S beam on my gs3
Andre Roberts A Samsung phone with a camera button would be awesome
Charles ThreePercenter Berg Note 2 It's big ass screen when slingin my DISH
Zac Luna S beam on my gs3. I love it
Herbert Salamánca Ramos My 920's amazing 8.7MP Pureview camera esp its UNRIVALED low light shots, touchscreen that works even w/ gloves on, Puremotion HD display/clear black display, Nokia Maps, cinemagraph, citylens, wireless charger (charging like a boss! :D) BOSE audio, Live Tiles, MS office, & its premium, high quality & solid built. :)
Jaden T. Brown Hmm....picking one is nearly impossible. I like that my phone is made out of a high quality material and my screen is one of best of its price point. Just goes to show that HTC doesn't cut corners on the durability of their budget phones. (HTC One V)
Justin Azzarito 1080p screen
Arnold Wolfgang Mwalimu The OS...i love Windows phone!!
Khalid Dris able to explode.
Darrell Wax HTC,Samsung.,,,,,,shitty ass kids phones.and lg...forgot.
Kyle Wraij A better camera is all I want? So get a camera!
Tim White Definitely the long battery life. No worries about a dead phone midway through the day.
Alex Go Camera ang Longer battery life!
Jay D Toretto BEATS AUDIO YO!!! HTC One V! :D
Bryan Turcios Lg optimus g 13 camera quad processor sounds legit to me
Paul Stukowski I have og incredible, works just fine. Always has .except low space indicator when I got plenty space... Will upgrade when time is right for $ and keep my unlimited data , verizon fuckers
Jose Angel Santiago All share cast on my gnote 2
Michael Walsh 1) 8.7mp Pureview 2) Wireless Charging 3) MS office
Paul Stukowski Hey Mark all note 2 and any samsung only have amoled
Frank Porter Yeah I hate to repeat the obvious but my phones don't have favoirtites of anything. haha A better way of wording this question would be, "What feature do you love most on your phone?"
Shadman Alam My phones favorite feature? Hmmmm the 2 gigs of ram? the 8 megapixel camera? the 4.8 Super AMOLED display? the 1.5 GHz Dual Core processor? Android 4.2.1? I dunno so many great features!
Bruce W. Thomas Jr. The fact that the phone actually works... I have the Motorola Droid RAZR M... I have everything that I ever need to the point that I don't even use a computer. Barely...
Luis Robles Figueroa HTC One S Camera...
Miles Justin McNairy @William T. Bassett, I didn't know you can do that with Allshare Cast. I'm going try that one day. Anyway, love the multi-windows feature where I can work on 2 apps at the same time, same as my Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet
Mike Dougall 3d camera
Albert Hecker :-) SWYPE ..if you don't have it...You just don't get it.. It's a must have
Darrell Wax Being a Nokia.
Fernando Gonzalez Camera and camera app on my EVO LTE >>>
Brandon Cote Stock Android.
Mark Belkowski the lcd on my note 2.
William T. Bassett Yeah, I doubt my phone has a favorite feature. Lol But to answer the question. Allshare Cast on my SGS3. I like being able to wireless play media from my phone to my TV on my Xbox. Great feature.
Kymani Grant Swype is on apple products smart one
Jose Villa The Great Camera !!!!
Jason Ramos If you want a better camera buy a damn camera. It's a phone
Radut Gabriel Note 2: smart stay and browser pop up
Alex Lam Battery life
Kymani Grant DSLR..Oh wait phone don't have that Cheap Fag
Gary Bollinger AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mouahed Nahali long battery life Nexus 4 best phone :)
Devin Tolliver badly worded.
Ian Baylon 3D camera. (EVO 3D)
Papapi Empeno photosphere

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