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Following last month's appearance of a leaked promotional video for an iOS version of Google Now, an update for the official Google Search app for iOS has hit the App Store with Google Now in tow. With Google Now, iOS users will be given weather and traffic information that's relevant to their needs as well as breaking news and sports scores. The Google Search app is available to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS 5 or later and is 20.3MB in size.

Google Now for iOS sports a look and feel similar to its Android counterpart, offering users various tidbits of information in small cards that can be swiped away. There are a number of different card types available to iOS users, including ones for stocks, birthdays, weather, upcoming appointments, weather and sports. However, there does appear to be a few card types that are available with the Android version of Google Now but are missing from the iOS flavor, such as boarding pass support and Fandango ticketing.

It's also worth noting that iOS users can't access Now while anywhere in the OS with a simple swipe up from the home button like Android users can. That means that Apple fans will need to settle for placing the Google Search app on a home page or in their app dock. Finally, it doesn't look like Google Now will push alerts to the iOS Notification Center like it does with Android's notification shade.

So far the app seems to perform pretty well on an iPhone 5, quickly bringing up news, sports scores, weather and additional cards and scrolling through them all smoothly. While the experience of using Google Now on iOS won't be quite the same as it would be on Android, it's still a pretty nice piece of software that can present users with a lot of important information in a clean, easily-digestible manner. The Google Search app for iOS, complete with Google Now built in, can be found by hitting up the iTunes link below.

Via Google Search (iTunes)

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"Google Now has officially arrived on iOS! Do you iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners plan to start using Google Now?"

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Shabbir Ahmed
Shabbir Ahmed Yes
Adrian Salazar
Adrian Salazar I already replaced Siri with google now with the cydia mod nownow
Paul Alexandru
Paul Alexandru I find it HILARIOUS how Google apps work so much better on iPhones even older iPhones than high end Androids, trolololol
Walter Perez
Walter Perez Yes!..love google's software they just need to leave Android and it's pastry updates in the garbage where they belong...apple and google need to get along like this again..they work great together...
Jordan Griffith
Jordan Griffith The sad thing is that I have an Android phone and even it doesn't have Google Now.
Leo Mrls
Leo Mrls aaa what a terrible idea! it should have been only for android phones!
Moiz Ahmed
Moiz Ahmed Noooooooooo
Chris Hyson
Chris Hyson pays not to buy a low end budjet phone huh?
Chris Hyson
Chris Hyson Am I the only android user who doesn't give a rats ass if this is on iOS? Google already has a handfull of its apps on iOS. This is no different. Plus they already had the google app. This update brings the Google now functionality to an existing app. Its not like Google now will stop working on android. So what if its no longer an "android exclusive". If that is something that really bothers you then you need to re-look at your priorities in life. I can think of a number of things to worry about then a mobile phone operating system feature..... Apple users, like android users and any other users of different platforms are humans too. They are not some other species. Google now is a service, much like Gmail, youtube and maps are that are used by thousands of people each day.
Silver Diaz
Silver Diaz so let me get the straight, all iphone users will have access to google now while over still 70 percent of android users wont b/c they dont have jellybean 4.1???? SMH
Humza Ahmed
Humza Ahmed I'd give it a week before they take it off the App Store.
Tony G
Tony G If were gonna give apple users our thing than fine... than by the time i get home, Vine better be available for Android
Chris Hyson
Chris Hyson Because google already has a number of apps on iOS.
Mark Fisher Jr.
Mark Fisher Jr. Never mind. I got it.
Mark Fisher Jr.
Mark Fisher Jr. When is the update coming?
Eric J. Powers
Eric J. Powers Goog now is better than siri, I've had both and goog keeps getting better, IOS is outdated and boring.
Richard W Krajewski
Richard W Krajewski Erode the fanbase FROM THE INSIDE
Miranda Brito Inacio Mandlate
Miranda Brito Inacio Mandlate not available in so many countries
Arcy Valdez Wall
Arcy Valdez Wall so is ios coming to google
Miguel Sahagun
Miguel Sahagun Google is making money from both apple and android devices...remember that the handsets aren't their money makers..its their software
Jaime Espinoza
Jaime Espinoza What is this ? Did I just wake up in the Twilight Zone? Halo is Now Available for PS3!! Google Now should of stayed Android Exclusive.
Forrest Smith
Forrest Smith I know it isn't Google's doing, but I'm pretty annoyed that my HTC One S doesn't have Google Now and iphones do.
Jared Louis
Jared Louis I think it's a smart move , getting their out there on more devices
Dani Uberne Velasquez Salgado
Dani Uberne Velasquez Salgado Ariel Parrales
James Norwood
James Norwood Because Google loves money and Apple has loads of it from their fanboys. That's a smart move, sell your services to your competition then the masses realize your services are better than your competition so they no longer by the inferior service.
Randy B Hoopes
Randy B Hoopes Awesome
Eko Budi Prasetio
Eko Budi Prasetio I guess Google now exclusive for android device but....hmmm...
Orlando Stagg
Orlando Stagg There's nothing retarded about them releasing this for iOS. They still make the bulk of their money from ad revenue and what does Google Now send you to? Google search which leads to Google's ads. Their ads lead to more ad revenue for them. They'd rather have their services on more devices for the potential to make more money especially since a lot of iOS users use a lot of Google services of the native Apple services.
Steve Williams
Steve Williams +1
Jeff Irvine
Jeff Irvine Please. Nobody wants that junk on Android.
Dino Džafovic
Dino Džafovic good, now lets wait for apple to release siri for android, that will be, oh yeah, never, good job google retards
Greg M. Grzebisz-Grenet
Greg M. Grzebisz-Grenet Really? They want to advertise themselves. I have never heard someone say "Google? What's that?"
Steve Williams
Steve Williams wow whats next siri for android?
Clifton H. Williams II
Clifton H. Williams II Didn't think that the Iphone had enough power to run google now. LOL besides apple users may not know how to use something this cool.
Keith Windiddy
Keith Windiddy BC Google is smart. They want their search software on every device. More ad $ for the big G.
Jordan Scarano
Jordan Scarano For realz
Derek LaVone
Derek LaVone Because Google's business sense has been lacking lately... I love you Google, but damn...
Greg M. Grzebisz-Grenet
Greg M. Grzebisz-Grenet *sigh* I think this is a mistake. Google Now should be an Android only thing. Why is Google providing their competition with one of their best features?
Gaspar Heller
Gaspar Heller Now installing on iOS 6.1.3... Interesting.

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