Let’s talk about Windows Phone 8 for a minute. When I look at Windows Phone 8, I kind of have a certain admiration for the software. It has come a long way from the early days of Windows Mobile, which was probably one of the most complicated platforms I’ve ever had to figure out. I find it interesting that Microsoft has found a way to make the Windows Phone 8 platform an advancement from Windows Mobile, yet used an extremely minimalist design. It might not be the platform with the most apps, but it does offer a lot of mainstream apps and it is certainly more unique looking than Android or iOS.

So why is it that Nokia is the only one to take Windows Phone 8 seriously?

You could say that HTC also somewhat takes the platform seriously, but by releasing only one “high end” phone since the release of Windows 8 as oppose to Nokia’s continuing support of the platform I have to wonder why Windows Phone 8 doesn’t see as much support as it should. Is it really that big of a downer for developers and consumers? I don’t even use the platform and I get excited when I read about a new Nokia Lumia device being released – but usually it’s only Nokia Lumias because every other phone release seems to be some haphazard attempt at keeping the platform alive.

Take Sprint for example. I’ve been interested in Windows Phone 8 since it was announced, and seeing as Sprint only ever had one Windows Phone 7 device I was hoping that we would see a little more support from Windows Phone 8. Naturally, I was wrong. It’s been nearly seven months since the release of Windows Phone 8 and although Sprint has addressed (and even has a splash page) that they will be selling Windows Phone 8 devices, I’ve come across no evidence that Sprint will be getting any high end Windows Phone 8 devices. It sounds like they heard that some of their customers want to see Windows Phone 8 on the shelves of Sprint, so they throw us a bone in the form of two mid-range Windows Phone 8 devices. I say if that’s the case, don’t even bother releasing two of them. Just release one. Why do we need two mid-range devices that practically do the same thing? Thanks, but no thanks.

But I can’t necessarily blame Sprint alone, because perhaps there’s something between Nokia and Sprint that prevents them from selling Nokia Lumia devices. However, I still think it shouldn’t be up to Nokia and Nokia alone to bring a good name to the Windows Phone 8 family. It’s not failing because it’s necessarily a bad platform – it’s not. It’s a decent platform and offers features that iOS and Android currently cannot, like Microsoft Office and Xbox Live features. It has potential, it just needs more attention from more people.

I’m probably making this sound simpler than it really is – I’m sure it’s not easy for any company to just drop whatever Android project they’re working on to try and pick up the pace with Windows Phone 8. With Android being at an all-time high when it comes to popularity and sales why would you give up that dream in favor of something like Windows Phone 8? I wouldn’t want to give up that potentially high amount of success, either. But at the same time, companies like HTC could benefit from creating another Windows Phone 8 device because although their latest flagship Android, the HTC One, is certainly well-received it’s still overshadowed by Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 and even Apple’s iPhone. HTC has wiggle room to put their eggs in more than one basket, and I think they could benefit by creating another high-end Windows Phone 8 device.

I’m mostly just tired of only getting excited for the Nokia Lumia releases. I loved the Nokia Lumia 920 for AT&T, I like the subtle changes in the Nokia Lumia 928 for Verizon, and I’m excited for the release of the Nokia Lumia 925 for T-Mobile. I was happy to see that HTC released the 8X, which made it seem like more manufacturers might be interested in making Windows Phone 8 more successful than Windows Phone 7; but it seems that the road ends there. The only company that seems interested in continued development for Windows Phone 8 seems to be Nokia with their Lumia line. I truly think Windows Phone 8 could benefit from the support of more manufacturers.

Readers, what do you think? Do you think Windows Phone 8 would see more success by having more manufacturers make WP 8 devices or not? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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Anonymous No. More manufactures won't help. WP needs apps, thats it. Microsoft struck a fatal blow to themselves with not updating phones running wp7 to wp8. Also, not having a hackable os for phones left behind. Phone geeks are the ones spreading the love for about a platform and from what I see Microsoft could careless about the phone geeks. Major app devs aren't going to waste their time with an OS that's not loved by the geeks. WP8 is okay but it desperately needs apps.
Lenn Liggins Sure, when Dell make a phone it was cool, but they abandoned it and didn't give it any support and the phone failed. Look at Samsung with the Ativ S, they wouldn't even release it in the US.
Larry Frank Crandall I liked what HTC did 3 years ago with windows phone 6.5, wish they would have stayed with that format, I feel windows phone would have been a lot farther ahead now, HTC hd2 was way beyond the iPhones of that time.
Anonymous I think it's because they didn't want to move to Android and continued on manufacturing their Symbian and MeeGo phone, realizing that it wasn't a success, they jump to the Windows Phone platform. Ashamed that they rejected Android but maybe smart as well since there are too many Android phone manufacturers...
Arturo Atherly Actually I think Nokia would benefit more if it released an android version.....Windows ANYTHING is a dog I will never bet on again.....the new Nokia design... HOT HOT HOTTTTT...Please deliver an android version... I mean hell its time...with HTC drowning in acid, why the hell not!!!!
Nicholas StylishDemeanor Scafe Wow i think every phone should go android, even apple and when it fails see what happen lol ..i love windows phone its unique and need just a few more updates were the user criticisms can be taken in consideration and make it more user friendly...android wasn't perfect at first! I think users around the world are tired of the many OS'S and so they quickly kick the upcoming OS'S aside to make the current ones on top stay longer.there needs to be a space or avenue where new platforms can be look at and be scrutinized to be promoted according to the people. :)
Sc Chow Absolutely not. I would want to see Windows Phone is exclusive to Nokia. Just like Android being monopolised by the Galaxy Line, there isn't much reason for manufacturers like HTC to risk themselves in WP8 that are already mostly conquered by Nokia.
Kevin Joel Their existence depends thereupon, and they can't catch the Android train as that ride left the station, hijacked by Samsung. I got a 920 unlocked on T-Mobile and its a pleasure everyday.
Viswanath Ivatury Wouldn't you call that as monopoly or dodging the imminent threat from rising platform. I have used all and really like WP platform as its unique from competitors. For instance to make a quick call to fav folks in iOS u have to unlock, click phone icon, click on fav tab. Then search for person and dial. A 4 step process. Is this productivity or just fanboys not able to admit that WP is indeed a compelling platform and needs a serious look.
Ken McDowell No, Windows Phone 8 could benefit from companies like Facebook,Google,Amazon releasing official versions of their apps. When MS has to create the apps for all the major players they don't get the attention to detail that they should. I don't understand why these companies don't choose to cater to millions of WP users. We use their services just like Apple and Google clones do.
David Paison I love my 8X. I wish that I had access to the 920 or 928 back when I bought it, but I really love it. I think that having other developers would simply muddy the water right now. People need to better understand what the mobile OS is trying to do. It isn't an Android, we don't need 29372329 different phones with different specs and different versions. We need a few, good, unified units. I think the 822/820 is a garbage phone. There is no way I'd ever use it or recommend it. It's just bad. The Samsung offering isn't much better, it's like they took a Stratosphere and shoved WP8 in it. The 920/928 and 8X are nice phones. The build quality for both devices are very obvious. You can tell you are holding something decent. The marketing was bad and the push to get people over wasn't very good. Microsoft could have a done a lot for themselves by implementing an incentive for app developers to jump aboard. That and securing REAL apps for the phone. Blackberry with their QNX is easily outpacing them, because they are recycling Android apps. The productivity value is high, but businesses have a hard time taking them seriously.
James Matthews They're not.
David L Walcott Jr. I wondered that too. They have made the most Windows Phones. HTC and Samsung only made less than 3 phones. I wanted to get a 8X for my sister as a graduation present but Walmart to them off there inventory.
Erica Anderson Just made the switch from iOS and I am quite loving my WP...
Paul Hooker Simple. Nokia killed and sold on symbian and MS put money into nokia to use windowsphone. If they don't keep doing so they'll be a featurephone maker
Sambo Chao they both can relate to each other.
Jeff Cross Maybe 4% of the cell market is windows. Why is that something to be happy aboot?? If Google/Samsung/Android can beat Apple then let MS/Nokia/windows take there best shot. Deliver a better product period.
Mariano Molina Barreiro Cause all the others are too damn wrapped-up in Android, Aaron!
Fabian Toti Because the only place they actually sell phones is in Europe.... And in there most of the people don't use the phone like we do in USA
Charlie Ebner I thought HTC was at the top with Microsoft when they released the 8X. But since Nokia isn't doing meego any longer, they have to focus on WP8, or else it's the chopping block. I think Microsoft needs to make their own phone, that's all that needs to happen. Besides, people aren't buying it because it doesn't have the popular apps, not because it doesn't have enough of them. If people would give it a real chance, they'd probably like it. I do.
Aaron Martell Maybe if developers and consumers would pull their heads out of Android and Apples asses then there would be more interest in WP8. Until then those people will still suck the dicks of what their masters tell then what to do.
Eric Magana Create a better app market and the problem will be solved.
Chad Allen The long and short of it is that he is the only one who has his future riding on the success of windows phone because most of the other makers of Windows phone also are heavily involved in Android!
Anthony Charles Boyd yes all the others is slacking on caring
Larry Hanks Windows phone would benefit from cutting their losses and quitting while they're way behind.
Brandon Johnson Being a user of Wp7 I can tell you why the general consumer would never consider WP8 over ios or android. The app store (not saying it's bad, but not all the apps are great), availability (if it wasn't for at&t pushing the platform so hard it'd have already gone under since they've had more phones than all the other carriers combined). New phone annoucements are few and far between, and lastly the browser experience is god awful because of IE's rep in the past.
Tre Goolsby Because it's crap compared to the competition and I've have used it before so let's get rid of that idea of a response.
Ulrik Narcisse Everyone here is saying it is bad, yet no one is explaining why. Funny that. Sounds like Mac and Android fans simply ragging for the sake of ragging on it. Windows Phone =/= Windows 8 on a laptop/tablet.
Alex Villalpando Wp8 I find as a very attractive platform and I trust Nokia as a manufacturer and would choose them over any other manufacturer
Frank Porter No I don't think it would make a lick of difference if more than just Nokia made Windows 8 phones. People are simply and quite obviously not interested in this platform.
Edwin Chiu It's the uniqueness that attracts me. If more manufacturers start taking it seriously, I'm going to Blackberry.
David Brown Totally agree.
Greg Ecv Kirkbride I can't stand windows 8 on my computer and would never want a phone that has that garbage
David Brown Everyone saying they are "crap" obviously have never used one before.Mine is great and MUCH smoother than Android.
Robert Salender I think we should leave the iOS and Android fanboys out of this discussion. Let alone I've been on all three platforms and now on WP...
Roger Schubert DeOliveira because its a joke?
Garret Byrne Think were all wondering the same question, lol
Lucas Hohn I think yes, -as long as they announce WP8.5 soon. give people a timeline -as long as 3rd place in the Mobile market is financially feasible, it will give Mircosoft more opportunity to roll out WP to more people/more options. People love options. :)
Luis Robles Figueroa Yes they could benefit if people are willing to back them up. But look what is happening now you are asking the question.
Mark Belkowski Becuase everyone else knows it crap.
Prince Raz I hate window 8 so I am afraid on wp8. Sorry!
Marcus Duff The only good thing for W8 would be if they got rid of it........
Michael Lizardo You lost me at "Let's talk about Windows Phone 8..." XD
Quang Nhat Nguyen Stephen Elop is the only one in Nokia who takes WP8 seriously
David Barton No... Not enough demand.

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