Red HTC One for Sprint appears in leaked press render

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 28, 2013

Red HTC One Sprint leak

The new Glamor Red version of the HTC One officially went on sale two weeks ago in the U.K., giving customers enticed by the One's aluminum-clad body a now, more colorful option when it came time to pick out a unit. HTC has kept its lips sealed when it comes to the red One's availability outside of the U.K., but it appears that U.S. consumers on Sprint will soon have a third color choice as well.

A new image posted by @evleaks today claims to show a Sprint version of the red HTC One. The device in the image looks similar to the silver and black HTC One variants that are already available on Sprint, sporting the same "4G" indicator and signal strength indicator in its status bar. One interesting difference, though, is that this red HTC One is showing "7:00 p.m." in its clock widget and status bar, which is different than the "10:08 a.m." time that's included in most other (but not all) HTC device renders.

This isn't the first time that we've heard rumblings that the red HTC One may be Sprint-bound. Earlier this month, an internal Sprint document included the red One, complete with a potential release date of August 16. Nothing's concrete until HTC and Sprint flip on the mixing truck and start laying down their rock solid confirmation, but Sprint already offers the black and silver versions of the One, so it's certainly possible that Hesse and Co. could go for the trifecta. We should hear more soon if that August 16 launch holds true, so stay tuned.

Via @evleaks