Gold HTC One front panel leaks out, suggests device has deep closet

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| September 13, 2013

Gold HTC One front panel leak

Since its debut back in February, the HTC One has come to market wearing silver, black, red and blue. So what color duds will the device end up sporting next? If a new set of leaked photos is to be believed, we'll soon see the One sporting a shiny gold outfit.

Photos showing what's said to be the front panel of a gold HTC One have been posted to Sina Weibo by the same user that previously outed a Vivid Blue HTC One part. This new golden part bears a few different handwritten labels on it, some of which are said to be used to help match the front panel up with other parts of a similar grade. Meanwhile, we can see a stamp on the back of this panel that reads "2013/08/12," suggesting that this particular part was put together right around one month ago.

While this golden HTC One is just a rumor for now, we've already seen HTC crank out four different color options for its flagship smartphone, and so it wouldn't be a complete shock to see PC and RJD add a fifth to the mix. Plus, if a gold outfit is indeed added to the One's closet in the near future, it could be a good option for consumers that dig the new iPhone 5s's golden garb but aren't so keen on iOS. Stay tuned for more on this One, because if it's anything like its blue sibling, it won't be long before we see its face leak out once again.

Via Engadget, Sina Weibo

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