Microsoft rumored to have asked HTC to put Windows Phone on its Android devices

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| October 3, 2013

HTC 8XT Sprint

We've seen a handful of different manufacturers crank out Windows Phone 8 hardware in 2013, but the vast majority of the devices have come from the Finnish phone factory also known as Nokia. Apparently Microsoft wants to change that, though, as a new report claims that the company is in talks with HTC about creating more Windows Phone devices.

Sources speaking to Bloomberg claim that Microsoft executive Terry Myerson has asked HTC to load Windows Phone onto its Android-powered devices. In order to make the offer more enticing, Microsoft has reportedly offered to reduce or eliminate the licensing fees associated with creating Windows Phone hardware.

The talks are said to be in a preliminary stage and no decision has been made, but Myerson is reportedly planning to travel to Taiwan this month to speak to HTC executives about the proposal in person. One thing that's not clear is whether these HTC devices would run Android and Windows Phone at the same time, if the user could select a default or if HTC would simply recycle existing Android hardware to be used with Windows Phone.

HTC has created several Windows Phone devices to date, with the most recent ones being the Windows Phone 8X and 8XT that debuted earlier in 2013. However, one Bloomberg tipster says that HTC has no current plans to produce any more Windows Phone products. That's not great news for Microsoft, and the company's recent purchase of Nokia's handset division isn't likely to get HTC and others thrilled about making new Windows Phone hardware. The opportunity to avoid Windows Phone licensing fees could help to convince HTC to return to the land of Live Tiles, but the firm is also having a pretty rough year, so it may not be able to divide its resources between two mobile platforms.

Via Bloomberg