Google Now Launcher officially hits the Play Store's virtual shelves

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 26, 2014

Google Now Launcher screenshots

Google's got a number of different apps available for download in the Play Store, including Maps, the Chrome Beta browser and SoundSearch. Today we can add another app to that list, because Google has released its Google Now Launcher onto the Play Store's virtual shelves.

As its name suggests, one of the main features of the Google Now Launcher is its quick access to Google Now. The app can be accessed with a swipe to the right while on the home screen, which can be much quicker than some of the other methods of accessing Google Now. The Google Now Launcher also includes support for saying "Ok Google" to initiate a voice search and translucent status and navigation bars.

But wait! There is one other detail about the Google Now Launcher that's worth noting, and that is the fact that it's currently only available on Nexus and Google Play edition devices running Android 4.4 KitKat. That includes a handful of different phones and tablets, but the restriction means that most folks probably won't be able to get the Google Now Launcher on their device. There's always a chance that Google could open up its Now Launcher to more devices, though, so you owners of non-Nexus and GPe hardware shouldn't give up hope quite yet. 

What do you think of the Google Now Launcher? Do you use it on your device? If your phone or tablet isn't compatible, would you use this launcher if you were able to?

Via Google Play Store: Google Now Launcher