What's in your pocket, Alex Wagner?

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| May 7, 2014

What's in your pocket Alex Wagner

Last year, I was tasked with telling you about the devices that I had in my pocket and some of my favorite apps to use on each of them. Now it’s 2014 and while the year may have changed, I’ve still got a variety of devices (and one tablet) that I use on a regular basis.

Right now my daily driver is a 32GB gold iPhone 5s on AT&T, which earned its position by having a good camera and a selection of quality apps. Some of my favorite apps for iOS include Tweetbot 3 and its clean, iOS 7-friendly design, Unread - An RSS Reader with its great gesture navigation and Pocket Casts, a podcast app that features a nice look, automatic downloads and syncing between iOS and Android.

I’ve also got a couple of Android devices that I pop my SIM into from time to time. Those include a white Nexus 5 and a customized Moto X with a bamboo back and yellow accents. When I’ve got Google’s green robot in my pocket, I like to use the Chrome Beta browser, Falcon Pro for Twitter, Pocket Casts and Reddit Sync.

Finally, I’ve still got that iPad 3, but now it lives in my backpack more than my pocket. Seems a bit safer, you know? Most of my time spent with the iPad is in one of three apps: Hulu Plus, Alien Blue for Reddit and comiXology, which helps to feed my newfound comic addiction. Speaking of comics, if you’ve got any good book recommendations, please share them with me!

So now that you’ve ready about my current devices and most-used apps, be sure to hit up the comments section below and tell me about some your favorite apps!