BlackBerry Torch Challenge: Day 25

Sydney Myers
Teen Lifestyle Editor from  Dallas, TX
| March 1, 2012

I'm on the home stretch now at Day 25 of my BlackBerry Torch Challenge. I have five more days to go but I'm still learning about the OS. Last week, I talked about the poor maps performance and my continued disappointment with web browsing on the Torch. Someone recommended I try BlackBerry Traffic for GPS and navigation. I downloaded the app and it works great! Problem solved. This highlights one of the main benefits of this challenge. It gives me a chance to get to know the OS, voice my concerns, and hear solutions to potential problems. This way, I won't blindly bash BlackBerry like so many do without having experience with it.

In this video, I decided to highlight some of the positives I've experienced during the challenge. I've focused so much on the negative and taken for granted some of the things the OS does well. For example, I've found the MemoPad and Tasks apps to be very helpful. I highly value a reliable and well-designed memo pad app and it's something that I've consistently used regardless of which OS I'm using. I find myself using the MemoPad app on the Torch every day. Not to be overlooked is the OS's excellent notification system. The Notification bar that expands to show more details is extremely well-designed and useful. I'm still not satisfied with the browser performance and app selection, but that's not going away any time soon. I have five more days left in the challenge and one more video to do. Will I stay with BlackBerry when the challenge is over? We'll find out on March 6th.

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