It's the Android device you've been waiting for!  Aaron reviews the Samsung Galaxy S II, a high-end smartphone and arguably Samsung's best phone to date.  Sporting a 1.2 GHz Exynos dual-core CPU, it offers a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 8-megapixel camera, 2.0-megapixel front-facing camera, Android 2.3 with TouchWiz 4.0, and a 1,650 mAh battery.  

It's the best Android phone available at the moment, but it's not available in the States, so it has to be ordered at an unsubsidized $750.  Is it worth it?  Part 1 of 2.

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eBay prices for the Samsung Galaxy S II SCH-R760

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Ankit Marwaha yesss i'm gonna have it...!!
Marti Ruiz Yesssssssssss
Peter Kis I already have one - if anyone seriously believes the iPhone 4 is a better phone, think again.
Salomon Murillo Hell yeah when it comes to the U.S.
Erik Bustillo RD I hope it comes to AT&T SOON!!
Ian Mcclendon Nope, Samsung is trash
Byktor Urvaes Nope, I hate samsungs costom UI, waiting for the evo 3D :-)
Nino Recko Any news on the release date? Is T-Mobile getting it?
Tommy Patti I love my galaxy s 1 ....best phone I ever had......
Thomas Tenkely Touchwiz... no thanks. Stock Android only for me.
Reynaldo Capetillo Yes i would love one
Jason Lane Yes please I want one
JP Pullens Nah, pretty happy with the G2X right now.
Andy Vilches yes I want!
Tony Abiama The SGS II is a beast, it may go toe to toe with the Evo 3D, if not beat it. Only time will tell. Still got my eye more so on the E3D
Woody Nelson My epic is just fine for now.but it looks awesome!!!!!!
Brian Edwards Oh yeah!
Andy Huggins I would love one!!! I love Samsung!!! Rocking the vibrant 3g!
Matt SnowPaw Dalton No. I want a Pre3 :D
Brendan McGlincey yes please
Muneer KhanVict Ohh yeaaaa but I don't really need it.. my epic is perfectly fine for now :)
Mike Chiou Hell yes, still waiting for my order to be shipped. It's sold out everywhere in UK.
Bryan Moreno Nah.......evo 3d all the way baby!
Henry Cuzo Samsung galaxy s2 looks better than the iPhone 4
Alex Henderson Phonedog forever
Chad Cranford Yes. I. Do.
Todd Myers Sensation looks like a better phone.
Jones Robert ...4.3' SuPER AMOLED screen.
Adam Pritchard I'm getting it as soon as it's available on Verizon! Well, assuming that is some time in the next three months or so. Don't think I can wait much longer than that to upgrade.
Joe Vitale I can't wait for verizon to release this bad boy!
Joe Martinez Yes, I do
Tommy Klein Yes this is the phone that I am gunna wait until it comes out till I renew my contract
Abhinav Paturi Yes can you give me one
Zack Shoemaker Giv dat to me plez
Nyt Walker I really want it!!!
Robert Salender DUNGEON DEFENDERS on that birch and I'm friggin' made!!!
Manny Varela And do you ever see us building are own phones like people building their own computers
Kamal Halder What about the battery life of this phone 1650Mh Battery with Dual core Processor and 4.3" display and 3G as network will nhardly last 6 Hrs in moderate use, if I am wrong please correct me the both part of the review was awesome.. really blown off ..
Justin Flynn I definitely would
John Shikiya I would but loving my rooted thunderbolt so much. with extended battery = runs for days
Nilesh Gangwal Ya I want 2 hanset....
Arxi Kay Dont disappoint me, Samsung
Christina Elena Amaya After having an Epic 4G, I will never ever own another samsung product again
Sam Rick I'd kill for one.
Ariel Ramon Gemilang nice review aaron ! :D
Steven Quintal Naa, i'll stick with my HTC Droid Incredible. HTC ftw!
Chris Rodriguez ugh it never lets me post links anymore for some reason, but go to engadget and read theirs
Chris Rodriguez People stop speaking out of ignorance and go read some reviews for this phone. Every one that I've read says that it has great battery life. Here's one for example:
Sumeet Deshmukh Why not? If ur distrbting it for free
Ray Lim Yessssssssss
Jess Jobson Yea give me it
Ashley Francis Until ice cream sandwich only honeycomb is made to take advantage of dual core battery savings so all these new smartphones are horrible on battery life.
Seenoor Peter Evo 3d ftw*
Seenoor Peter Evo 3d Dre
Anthony Belindo Can't wait to get one in 3 years when they are $50.
Preeda Chawaroj That's is what i am waiting for....
Andrew Hawkes Fuck yes!
Ali Lawi Mosawi Android > iOS
Daniel Hayday iPhone isn't over-hyped? Please! The 4S/5 will be released with a new chip that's only on par with that which other companies are releasing now. Maybe throw in an upgraded camera if you're lucky.
Arturo Torres I hope to see it come out with a TMobile badge.
Zach Cline Lol fandroids. The iphone is not overhyped junk.
Daniel Hayday I'll be first in line for the Aus release. I can't wait to get away from the iPhone! Over-hyped piece of junk apple products. Yuck!
Marvin Oubre Brian Richards All dual core phones (such as the Galaxy S II) are much more battery efficient than single core phones (Galaxy S).
John Baylor Jr. YES...PLEASE
David Laweka Droid Bionic!!!!!!!!!
Anthony Damiani I'll take it if it's free, then smash it on the ground and call it a day. Lol
Jason Walker I'll probably have one the new of the G2x will have worn off
Foo Joon Sunn I want one.
Char Frost I see the AT7T logo on it in the review...they must be keeping the realse date under wraps..LOVE ONE:)
Lyn Gage Yes, please, thank you.
Tim Miyashiro Uh no. Samsung=no
Jon Kabat Yes! I love my g2x, but I have a terrible urge to have the best phone at any given moment. I really hate android because of that.
Emmanuel Castro Trade ya for my G2x!
Alexandros Simeonidis Allready gor it
Joseph Jones I can't wait to get it when it comes to Verizon as the Samsung Function! Oh and the Droid Bionic of course! Mmmm...4G.
Aditya Basu hell,yeah!!..i want a Galaxy S II...
Eric Casanova Nope Samsung is to much like apple I got my eye on the evo 3d

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