Clearwire lights up seven new cities

Ari Robbins
Contributing Editor from  Atlanta, GA
| July 2, 2010

Good news for early EVO adopters, if you bought your device based on the hope that Sprint would deliver 4G to your neck of the woods soon (despite the $10 monthly charge), today could be your lucky day.  Clearwire has recently announced seven new cities to receive 4G speeds, including Eugene, OR, Merced, CA, Visalia, CA, Yakima, WA, Tri-Cities, WA, Rochester, NY and Syracuse, NY.  With the addition of the seven new cities, 4G is now available in "44 locations across the U.S., covering 51 million people," and the plan is to cover 61 locations by years end.  Anyone living in the above cities plan on making a new purchase or making use of their new WiMax capabilities, or are you just waiting for LTE?

Via TheStreet