Second launch of iPhone 4 prompts Apple stores to open early July 7?

Ari Robbins
Contributing Editor from  Atlanta, GA
| July 2, 2010

As if waiting for hours in lines that span several blocks to get your coveted iPhone 4 wasn't enough the first time around, it looks like you may have the opportunity to wait yet again.  Rumors are starting to fly suggesting that on July 7th (aka "The second coming of the iPhone 4") Apple stores nationwide will open early at 8AM to prepare for a second "launch" of their flagship (and only) device.  The rumors also include some reasoning as to why many stores have yet to receive more shipments of the phone and have been overall low in stock - perhaps Apple is "stockpiling" phones for "Launch 2.0"?  But don't look for me in any of those lines just yet.  I'll be sitting here with my coveted device, the iSalt 4, with a grin, until it becomes official.