New version of Symbian shown off in brief hands-on video

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 10, 2011

New Symbian UI Nokia X7

We've been hearing rumblings that a fresh version of Symbian sporting an improved UI was on its way, and today we've finally been given a sneak peek of the new OS in action. A video posted by European carrier Three U.K. briefly shows off the new iteration of Symbian running on an X7 and demonstrates the new operating system's home screen scrolling, a browser that the rep claims is three times faster than the current version, and, best of all, a portrait virtual QWERTY keyboard. The video was thrown up on YouTube recently and then quickly taken down (not before someone was able to save it and repost it, thankfully), meaning that Nokia may have had at least part of its Tuesday surprise revealed a little early. You can watch the full clip down below.

Although this new Symbian variant isn't a total makeover or anything like that, it does seem to sport enough meaningful updates to keep users happy for a while. The question is, is this what Nokia is planning to show off later this week, or is there more behind the curtain that has yet to be revealed? Luckily, we don't have to wait long to find out. Stay tuned.

Via The Nokia Blog, Engadget, YouTube