New iPad users react to device in survey, Consumer Reports gives top rating

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 2, 2012

Apple new iPad

Last month many reviewers, our own Aaron Baker included, gave their thoughts on Apple's new iPad. Now a survey posted by research firm ChangeWave has shown what early adopters of the latest iOS tablet think of the device. A total of 200 iPad owners were surveyed between March 22nd and 28th, and 82 percent of those folks responded that they were "Very Satisfied" with Apple's slate, while 16 percent responded that they were "Somewhat Satisfied" and 2 percent were "Somewhat Unsatisfied." That's a higher satisfaction rating that the iPad 2 received in a similar survey in which 74 percent of owners of the second iPad reported being "Very Satisfied" with the device. When asked about their likes and dislikes of the new iPad, owners said that their top likes were the Retina display and battery life, while the top dislikes were the costs of the iPad itself and the LTE data plans. Meanwhile, 7 percent of new iPad owners surveyed reported "excessive heat" as a dislike.

In other new iPad news, Consumer Reports has announced that the device has topped its list of tablet ratings. The publication pointed toward the iPad's Retina display and battery life as being two of its stronger features. Consumer Reports also touched on the heat situation surrounding the new iPad, saying that although previously it made a bit of an issue about the warmth of the device, it now doesn't find the warmth put out by the iPad "to be cause for concern." Other tablets recommended by Consumer Reports include the Toshiba Excite 10 LE, Pantech Element and Sony Tablet P.

Shortly after the new iPad began hitting consumers' hands, reports began surfacing about concerns that it ran warmer than its predecessor. However, Apple was unfazed by the claims, saying in a statement that its new iPad includes features like a Retina display and 4G LTE and also operates "well within [its] thermal specifications." So now that the new iPad has been available for a couple of weeks, how many of you have picked one up? What do you all make of the device so far? Have any of you noticed any kind of heat issue?

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