Are you bored with iOS?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| May 22, 2012

Earlier today, a new batch of rumors regarding the new iPhone, and even the new iPod Touch, made their way onto the Internet. Much as we’ve heard in the past, the rumors were centered around what seems to be the biggest point of contention regarding the new iPhone: screen size. The general consensus seems pretty convinced that it will feature a larger display than what the iPhone 4S has, which means it just has to be larger than 3.5-inches. While it’s great to keep bickering about what the new iPhone will feature hardware wise, after a conversation I had earlier today via Twitter with several people, I’m more curious about the software now.

I have asked in the past if you’re about ready to jump the Apple ship, and this could go hand-in-hand with that. Because, while I think there are some features that Apple will have to budge on this year, I will admit that most of those points were geared towards the hardware side of things. I wasn’t putting too much focus on the software side of the spectrum.

Let’s do that now.

While all of these new rumors were being talked about, I got into a conversation with several different people about the future of Apple’s mobile platform, iOS. Yes, the rumors were all pointing towards a larger iPhone, but that’s just part of the story. Because while we can all safely assume that Apple is getting ready to reveal a brand new iPhone, with all new design elements, later this year, there’s only so many days left before WWDC and the unveiling of the new iOS. Or, iOS 6, if you want.

Apparently, and I was shocked to learn this, there are a lot of people out there who believe Apple isn’t going to change much about the new version of iOS. Little changes, except when it comes to Siri or iCloud. Those two features will see most of the focus when it comes to new features, while iOS as a whole will stay relatively unchanged.

And that is a bit worrying. These are smart individuals who have been watching Apple for quite some time. These are Apple fans, too. For these folks to be telling me that they think Apple is going to stick to their guns, and make sure that iOS goes relatively unchanged versus previous versions, has me a bit scared that Apple may in fact do just that.

When the topic of whether or not iOS is boring now got brought up, the whole conversation twisted. A good point was raised, though: Apple needs to focus on new customers, just as much as old ones, so making too many changes to the platform could jeopardize that. The people who have stuck with Apple the longest may have grown tired of iOS as a whole, but new customers obviously haven’t, right?

I disagree. Everyone knows what an iPhone looks like. Everyone knows what iOS looks like. Why? Because it hasn’t changed, at least at face value, since its launch. You can put a screen of folders and icons in front of someone who’s never played with an iPhone before, and more than likely they’ll tell you it’s an iPhone. People recognize it, whether or not they’ve been using an iPhone for years, or plan on buying one this year.

Yes, it’s good to be recognizable, but only to a point. We’re on iOS 6 now. 6! It’s time for iOS to get a change. It doesn’t have to be completely reworked, and it doesn’t have to lose iOS’ traditional ease-of-use, either. Things don’t have to change drastically, but they do have to change. Apple needs to take a leap of faith here. They need to make a bold statement against the likes of Android, Windows Phone, and even Research In Motion’s upcoming BlackBerry 10.

It’s time to give iOS a makeover, Apple. Even if you don’t want to.

Are you getting bored with iOS? Were you bored years ago? Are you only planning on getting a new iPhone this year if there’s a change to the software? Let me know in the comments!

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