Verizon Share Everything data plans up to 20GB in size available in stores and over the phone

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: August 7, 2012

Verizon Wireless logo

Thinking about signing up for one of Verizon's Share Everything plans, but the 10GB bucket isn't quite enough for you and your data-hungry devices? There may still be an option, as a Verizon spokesperson today told Computerworld that the carrier offers larger data options ranging from 12GB to 20GB in size. The plans have actually been available since June, but since most customers consume less than 2GB per month, the Verizon spokesperson said that they're only offered in stores or over the phone to help keep the carrier's online offerings simple. Subscribers interested in one of these large buckets can choose a 12GB plan for $110 per month, 14GB for $120, 16GB for $130, 18GB for $140 and a whopping 20GB for $150 per month.

While Verizon does offer several differently-sized data buckets on its website ranging from 1GB to 10GB, it's good to know that there are also even larger options available for groups with several data devices (or anyone that just consumes a lot of data). AT&T will also offer data options that are larger than 10GB when its Mobile Share plans go live later this month, but its 15GB and 20GB buckets are a tad pricier than the comparable Verizon plans. It'd be nice if Verizon mentioned the 10GB+ options in some way on its website to make sure customers knew about them, but I suppose that if someone really wants that much data, they may end up just contacting Verizon about a larger plan anyway. Have any of you ever used more than 10GB of data in a single month?

Via The Verge, Computerworld