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Hot on the heels of a report with possible details on the iPad 5, iPhone 5S and less-expensive iPhone, iLounge has chimed back in with a second batch of information about upcoming Apple products. First up is the iPhone 5S, a device whose prototypes currently feature the codenames "N51" and "N53," according to iLounge EIC Jeremy Horwitz's source. That tipster goes on to say that Apple is targeting a July introduction, which would be earlier in the year than the debuts of the last couple of iPhone models. The source claims one of this new iPhone's major new features will be its camera, which may be updated with a Sony-made 13-megapixel sensor along with the larger flash that we heard about earlier.

The last couple of iPhones have been introduced in the latter part of the year, with the iPhone 4S hitting in October 2011 and the iPhone 5 landing in September 2012. iPhone launches were a summer thing before that, though, as the original iPhone, 3G, 3GS and 4 all debuted in June or July. While Apple's July target for the iPhone 5S is still very much a rumor for now, such a move could make sense now that the iPad and iPad mini appear to be devices that come later in the year. If Apple left the iPhone launch in the fall and also introduced the iPad and iPad mini around the same time, there'd be no major product for Apple to launch earlier in the year while the latter part of the year would be stuffed to the brim.

Moving on, Horwitz suggests that the iPad 5 features a codename of "J72" while the iPad mini 2's codename is "J85." Apple is purportedly targeting an October debut for the iPad mini 2, just like we've heard it is for the iPad 5, and the new smaller tablet is rumored to retain a look similar to the current iPad mini. One big change that's rumored for the new iPad mini is a Retina display, though it's thought that if Apple does go that route, it'll need to adopt a new display like an IGZO model. A Retina iPad mini would be a pretty attractive device to many, and it'll be interesting to see if Apple can indeed get a Retina-quality display into the iPad mini and return its entire iOS lineup to Retina status. Would you be interested in an iPad mini with a 7.9-inch Retina display?

Via iLounge

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Bryan Bagayas Add something new to iOS first
Anonymous Add phone capabilities to the iPad, add user maintainable socketed Memory, multiple SIM capability, ubiquitous USB I/O, & robust secure OS lvel RDP, THEN I can carry ONE device & leave the laptop at home. Until then, its just a another underpowered overpriced gadget.
Anonymous I don't care about ANY of the devices that are focused simply on phone functions. If they do not include robust OS level platform agnostic RDP integration w/ sufficient screen size to enable browsing and screen view, they are simply non-compelling gadgets.
rvp10sucks There are very few things I could care less about.
Gaurav Kumal i am fan of apple i t hope it could bring something new features
Reign Lastro So far the iphone hasnt brought anything NEW to the table since the Iphone4
Anonymous Apple Fans, Save your bucks and buy the M7 Big screen you might want on the Android Platform with Sense Skin and no Plastic cheap feeling Samsung phones your use to the quality feel with your apple phones let that continue with an HTC!
Siva Rajan no way. you know what? a very negligible improvement or upgrade will be done and the cost will be high check iph 4s and 4. i think the same with iph 5 and 5s thing.
Roger Penn Pretty soon you won't be able to fit a Samsung device in your pocket...if you want something that just keeps growing in size, plastic feeling, not really changing anything buy pastry flavors buy a Samsung device. If you want quality made products that last the true test of time buy anything apple. I bet every Samsung s3 and note has at least one apple product in their house. So either way apple made money off you so whose laughing now LOL
Bill Stewart Apple fans should save your money cause the S4 is on its way. Buy a phone that will be truly yours to do what you want with it. I'm surrounded by family with iPhones and yes, they aren't impressed anymore and will be going back to android. IPhones just aren't cool anymore. Yes I'm a samsung fan.
Bill Stewart IPhone will be a thing of the past. Think about it, Steve Jobs was right that all other smart phones would take 5 years to catchup and they are now ahead. IPHONE hasn't changed much since it creation. GOODBYE APPLE.
Jose Calderon NFC? I've never seen anyone with an s3 use it. Have you seen the galaxy s8 with an 8 inch screen? Looks like a blown up s3 or note II. Is that innovation? nope. Looks like Samsung is stuck without apples help, their only weapon being bigger and bigger screen sizes. Lol at Samsung.
Michael Scott H love my tectiles and NFC on my Note 2. and 32gb removable SD card and S-pen everything the iPhone will never have.
Michael Scott H nope. I'm sticking with my Note 2
Paul Alexandru Full of fagdroids in this page...
Jeff Seaver No Same thing as iPhone 4S not much different than iPhone 5 no worth the Change. Excited waiting Galaxy S4 with new screen
Ian Walker If it is a 5s and not a proper update and still looks the same I am gonna switch to android I'm not putting money down on a phone that's the same ever again. And I have had every iphone so far.
Corey Barrs Look at Apple. Ripping off their blind loyal Apple fans again. They just can't keep their hands out their consumers pockets.
Amy Chang Omg...another joke to get more dough.....only dumb idiots would waste money....can they just make a one time bestest phone in the world.....
Patrick Van De Velde The iPhone is history
Mihail Bebrovski I'll wait for the Galaxy Note 3
Lim Xilvre what so big deal with 5S.
Lim Xilvre nobody will get exciting and nobody stated they are exciting
Susan Hugus Not even if the iPhone had NFC capability.
Omar Khanday Ya sure...waiting 2 c wat joke dey play on there supporters dis time....!
Benjamin Simpson It's ok to be an apple fan boy, you just have to realize that apple had its day and now its time to make way for Android phones and probably even the new blackberry lol. PS iPhone sucks :)
Dee Nazario I hope this is the nail to the iPhone's coffin. If people still buy this crap, I'm officially giving up on humanity.
Herwin Torres *yawwwwwwwwwnnn*
Shyam Sundar Hehehe. what a joke. Maybe they will add maps!!!
Jeff Irvine IPhone 5s? Ain't nobody got time fa that!
Dorothy Wong Well, I heard apple stocks went down.They didn't want this phone to be iPhone 6.So they named it iPhone 5 S.The S stands for SUCKERS!If you buy it.......Just saying.Another 6 mos .What are they going to call the next one???I
Theodore Cortés OMG..How clearer can a camera get?! my god. Apple just wants to remain at the top for no reason. I can see they get intimidated quick.
Tiger Panomthonichakul apple & jobs were just history, even s/w itself would be soon outdated, lots of new ways customizing on phone os like ubuntu bb andriod, try it! dont be brain-wash and consevative to the old history ;p ps. so excited about sony xperia z, fhd glass body but water&dust resistant ,nice battery ,whatelse do you want from phone?!?
Jose Calderon I'm less a "fanboy" than a person with actual cognitive reasoning. I personally wouldn't want to own an cheap plastic Android (that should be sold at Walmart), because anyone who does is actually the new mainstream. Ew.
Adrian Salazar Hell no, was a hardcore android fanboy then went to apple but soon after jellybean came out i was like apple who? The iphone would be a better phone with android 4.2 jellybean! IOS hasn't innovated and spends most of there resources suing other manufacturers. You can say whatever you want about android but the fact is that with each iteration of android there are more features and you can always root and flash a newer version of android to give your phone new features, can't say that about the iphone 2g which is stuck on ios 3....
Michael Caswell Don't need that garbage
Andres Ventura No I am excited about samsung galaxy siv.
Robert Smith @jose calderon lol looks like your the only one in here defending that unspoken outdated phone lol, fanboy till the end
Herbert Salamánca Ramos More excited bout the next flagship Lumia like the Nokia EOS, & Laser/catwalk.. Will def blow this iphone5S out of the water :p
Suyesh Bhandari
Paul Ha ....Watch Apple troll all us and release a 6... "We wanted to trick all of you guys by releasing 2 generations of (S) phones, but this time. We're not!" Anyways.... I'm not getting either one that comes out... Will wait for the next generation of Galaxy Notes..... :D
Osward Hiraldo Matias well yeah kinda....I just want better screen (big screen or higher res.) and better camera ....And lets pray to god iOS 7 looks different in a better way
Herbert Salamánca Ramos More excited about the next flagship Lumia like Nokia EOS, Laser/catwalk.. Will def blow this 'new' iphone out of the water :p
Charlie Durie IPhones are so 2009
Scott Ritchey I see they are taking a page from samsung, which they should have started doing over 2 years ago... Yawn...
Jose Calderon Apple releases one phone a year. Meanwhile, Android phones saturate the year with me-too phones that offer little differentiation among them. What's the difference between an s3, note II, one x, and nexus 4. Besides a variances in screen sizes, not much AT ALL.
Jose Calderon Well if that's what you mean, the Android OS has been the same over and over just as much as iOS. What's the only things new? A new desert name and slightly more fluid animations. Yawn.
Mark SuckerBurg Double yawn ...going with the Optimus G (sorry)
Ken Hoey Funny thing is Apple never invented anything and I'm not sure what you mean by innovation? They pony up the same phone every year...hows that innovating ???
Ken Hoey No yet another POS from Crapple
Baluta Alexandru a phone for stupid people
Jose Calderon Barndon, The iPhone is actually the original feature phone. Remember this? "There's an app for that!" The features your talking about are not features, they're more like circus barn-yard tricks or free-roaming hacks. You know that the s3 can show a video on the main screen? Looks more like amateur taped that on the screen. Who cares. But if you want to talk about that, the iPhones jailbreak community has countless tricks. One things for sure, Apple is the modern champion of innovation. It single handedly TOUGHT the industry that innovation and design are important. That an ecosystem is a must. That a high resolution screen and solid state is the future. Everyone knows Apple didn't invent the MP3 player, the mobile phone, or the tablet computer. Thats obvious (your video is not impressive or anything new). But they did innovate by thinking different on what that stuff could and should be. An mp3 player with a display that holds thousands of song on the palm of your hand. A mobile phone with not only an MP3 player and full Internet capabilities, but a revolutionary App Store and full blown ecosystem! A thin and light tablet computer that can pretty much replace a desktop. A 11 inch full on laptop computer as thin as f*ck with no optical drive and solid state storage. Tell me those aren't innovations. Tell me Google and Samsung did not steal these ideas. Go on!
Eduardo Ordaz Nope. There are other phones that offer way more than the iPhone. I just can't believe most people buy this phone just because everyone has them. Like my cuz she bought a ip5 she upgraded from the 4 to the 5 and her brother says he couldnt tell the difference. She could've bought something better instead of buying the same looking phone.
Jerry Goldbaum I love living in the Apple ecosystem with the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and my iMac. If a 5S comes in July, I won't immediately upgrade since I won't be eligible until September. I have absolutely 0 interest in any Android phone, especially one that I can double as a skateboard (note 2).
Jeff Griffith Most people hate apple with a passion because they won't make a big screen to overcompensate for people with small dicks. But go on and hate, hate, hate!
Paul Keefe Nope. As dated as the manual pencil sharpener
Paul Battle Its official, the iPhone is for someone who wants very simple navigation and friendly user interface or just a plain die hard Apple fan who's got the latest iGadget with a passion for the Apple ecosystem. Otherwise, Android can give you the most value for your buck. Does just as much as an iPhone can do with some unique features that package with it (just like Apple has their own unique features such as panic button spam - the home button).
Christopher Villanueva Note 2 kills any phone out there. I hope I can upgrade my note to note 2 though.
Javier Sanchez Ojeda Not Really. Note 2 still kicks ass
Jeff Hammond Yeah Apple is going under...they had the 4th biggest quarter anyone has had in any business the last quarter of 2012.
Angel Polaco No, note 2 and/or gs3 are better the fagphone...too much hype and no thunder....just saying..
Paul Battle Apple. Ignoring consumer opinion since 1976.
Shawn Lumives has nothing on android.. Note ii
Lawrence Lepes Not at all. Samsung makes the best phones on the market. I am willing to bet that the Iphone 5s won't even come with an HD Screen.
Jim Sowell iPhone is like a bad movie sequel
Brandon Moran LOL at Jose's comment.. I recently got both the Note II and Nexus 4, And NO.. iPhone's surely DO NOT have all the same features as an Android device.. Matter fact, they're just now with iphone 5 getting SOME of the stuff my 2010 MyTouch 4G had.. And what's funny is my MyTouch can even do the Pop Up Play Picture in a Picture Video, and iPhone of course still can't.. And probably never will.. Seems too free for their stiff ecosystem.. iOS won't even play an mp3 off of my own Google Drive account!!! I thought iDevices were spun from the mp3 player iPod????!!! hmmm.. OH that's right, Apple wants you to pay THEM for every song and movie.. Absolutely everyone is getting ripped off by that iPhone.. Whether they pay full or thru contract.. Total ripoff.. Especially when you can buy the practically equal 5th Gen iPod and STILL make calls off it lol.. I'm not all against Apple or anything.. I have some of their stuff, well mainly cuz it was given to me.. But honestly, i like their stuff.. Their stuff LOOKS cool.. But its lacking, and innovation? Well when HAVE they ever done that?! Hmm..
Carlos Roldan No. This is still a boring phone. They should call it "iphone 5b" b for boring.
Paul Yu Nope not at allll
Jason Evans No. Note 2 owns that crap phone
Paul Lopez Wow a 5s? Are people still buying the hype?
Chris Kang negative
Jose Angel Santiago note 2 still blows it away :)
Patrick Van De Velde Nope, i have before the IPhone 4S, now i have the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Far better than the iPhone 5.
Andre Thomas Hell no!
Idris Hussain Dead Tech
Sohraab Kahlon guys wait up... maybe they'll put the headphone jack on the side this time! now that's exciting news!
Miguel Bleau Same things as android lmfao. My note 2 kicks ass and until note 3 comes out it will still kick ass
Jose Calderon Damn what else do you guys want the iPhone to do? Cure cancer?? The iPhone has the same features as Android phones, why do you expect so much from Apple, but only bigger screen sizes for Android devices.
Bryan Bagayas Overhaul iOS first
Lordh Ozn Droid DNA,Xperia Z the best
Roberto Burgos No one is excited. No ones ever excited for a #S review
Charles W. Y. Wong LOL the Note II will still blow it out of the water
Mark Belkowski its time for the iphone to get an overhaul. not that id own one anyways.
Marcus Samual Winchester ios needs an overhaul and we need more stand out features that really distinguish the iphone 5s from the 5. Apple knows theyre gonna need to after the sell off on Wall Street, their market caps down now below exxon mobil so they've lost spot as most valued company by market cap. The 5S or if its name the 6 will have to do a 2007 again but this time show off Tim Cooks ability and Apples ability to create standout industry leafing products
Jody Warrick No.. sadly I have given up that Apple gives a crap about us.. they just keep doing what is easy... releasing the same phone over and over.. Switched to Note 2 and couldn't be happier!
Aaron Dean They really know how to peel back the foreskin of technology lol
Kevin Joel NO, JUST NO.
Aaron Dean Not the least bit excited....let me take a wild guess I bet its gonna be the same old iPhone with a new coat of paint white.....or black paint lmao
Nick Berry :poop: on apple
Angel Manuel Garcia Nope, it will be the same thing again that millions will still buy -__-
Reese Woodson I won't be excited unless they completely change iOS with iOS7. I own an iPhone 5 and iPad 4 and bored as hell with iOS........
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I'm buying an iMac tommorow
Roger Schubert DeOliveira Seeing this many "no"s instead of the sheeps of YES makes me almost shed a tear of joy.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Only if it has a 4.8 inch screen
Jason LaRouche is it going to have something when all Android already has
Abe Avila Apple has become way too prolific. Turning out products deemed "Invovative".
Chris Roberts And yet again no signs of any iOS Improvements yet.. lol If Apple wants to remain relevant then step up your software game and if not then go ahead and bow now to ANDROID! Note 2 user right here....:)
Lanh Nguyen What's there to be excited about?
Dayan Inclán No, iOS is on the downward skid
Jeff Rey They really milk this bullshit for all its worth huh? I saw the iPhone 6w almost a year ago... by the time the 5s is on the market they'll prolly be done designing the iPhone 8
Mark Goodrich No way not at all....I'm done with apple! They put out the same thing over and over! The new iphone will be the same as the one 5 years ago...oh wait they added a half inch that's right1 lol
Brandon Johnson Screen size and ui need to be seriously improved upon to incite any anticipation in me.
Jeph Swift My iPhone will be 3 years old in September? Though I haven't had it that long, I love my iPhone. It offers much more stability over most android devices. But, Android is good. If my razr had 3G and a working call button, I'm sure I'd still be using that.
Brandon Vaughn I just ordered a iPhone 4. I'm behind. Lol.
Dominic Jessup Reid Apple is doing too much.
Mike Wong "5S" is short for FIVE generations of SUCKERS. I'm more of a SAMSUNG & MOTOROLA fan myself. NOKIA is a close 3rd choice, but I like my Motorola ATRIX (that I'm on now) and might try a Samsung next *IF & WHENEVER* this phone goes kaput.
John Smith Why? It's just typical apple.. They make a big hype about the new line and then screw you by improving on it a few months later.
Joshua Sanchez No if u seen the first iphone u seen them all
Ambrose Begay Android, apple, blackberry. Who cares. They make billions off of us. I really don't give a damn.
Martin Pribojsky no.. we are waiting for the new iPud
Marti Ruiz ont make me laugh
David DiPilla Ahhh not really thought iphone 5 was going to be a big improvement including at least 4.5 inch screen widgets customization different design I was looking for iphone 5 information everyday before it came out I still got it lol but 5s wont be nothing then I won the not2 and I love it
Humza Ahmed "Apple is the Call Of Duty of cell phones" I agree with you, they are highly overrated and really crap, Google is like Battlefield, somewhat underrated but seriously awesome.
Martin Pribojsky Ahaaah, antiKeynote :-D
Jeffrey Diehl No. I'll keep my Note 2.
Gabriel Freeman Meh. No, not really. Competition is good, I suppose, but I'm actually more excited even about BlackBerry at this point.
Nick Catelli Nope...
Jesse Ling 5S;stands for Five Sucks
Rama Blaze yawnnnnnn...zzzzzzzzzzz
Dalton Davis Apple suck! They need to come up with a new and better upgrade rather than these trash phones they make...
Brian Dominguez Apple> Samsung This GS2 sucks
Robert Wellington Clubine III Apple will rebound, love my Apple devices.
Alfonso Manuel Avalos Apple is to funny hahaha :) wow this is just gimmick so they can keep there prices on there old phones up upgrade the cam and bamm same price as last years iphone
Maelo Acosta A new garbage?
Dave Morgan I would buy a Motorola Star Tac before I'd buy any iPhone. Apple sucks.
Ylla Quezon Pansacula lol you say no buy you buy it anyway lol samsung galaxy for ftw! cant wait for the s4! :)
Robert Pritts Nah Apple is going under..if they don't come up with something new!
Robert Wellington Clubine III Just in time for my upgrade!
Pete Simpson yawn.....
Dounutz Sesar Since steve job dies (rip) it has become harder to apple to inovate and harder to protect their prototypes before someone leaks them.
Matt Cude WOW an improved camera and probably 100 to 200 MHz faster proc. You got it all apple.......
Nicholas StylishDemeanor Scafe Nokia EOS nokia laser and nokia fan#
Larry Hanks I was more impressed with the 4s..I'm not sure the 5 really adds anything but another chance to upgrade
Gordon Christie no id rather eat a bag of nails
Kyle Krause The 5 just came out......
Michael Myers No, but I'm excited for the Galaxy S IV.
Dave Yaeck Ummmmmmm..... NO
Mick Jetten IPhones are :poop:
Keith Howells iphone math maybe. not 5s
Eric Jamal Green Android life.
Rey Gonzalez No! I'm excited for the Samsung Galaxy S4
George Millhouse anyone expecting anything more? lol
Joseph TurboSkitt Apple is the "Call of Duty" of Cell Phones
Florens Richter Since when the Apple doesn't excites anyone with an iPhone??
Bobby Delaney No because like the iPhone 5, there will be so many leaks that the final reveal will prove 95-99% of them right.
Jose Morales So less than a year after its release, they're already launching a new iPhone 5 so it can compete with the current Android offering?
Roger Schubert DeOliveira Not even a little bit.
Ty Johnson lol "excited", you joking right
LaToya's Page No No No!
Jeff Hollins Weak! Note 2 owns apple..
Christian Carpino better camera, slightly faster. bravo Apple, so innovative aren't ya?
Justin Michael Duncan No matter what they say or do to their camera its always grainy and taking videos on it blows
Martin Pribojsky definitely not!
Haldi Kuniqi LOL Apple
Tabib Rehman Why would anyone be excited since it would look just like the last one?

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