Expert Spotlight - Aaron Baker - 2-22-13

The PhoneDog
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Published: February 22, 2013

With a wild week of movement on the People's Choice side of the Official Smartphone Rankings, the Expert's top five remained intact.  Below our very own Editor-in-Chief, Aaron Baker, explains his top five selections. 

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Samsung's Galaxy Note II stays on the top of my list for yet another week in a row, as it offers a fantastic blend of features and software. The Samsung Galaxy S III retains the second place spot due to a similar feature set, but smaller form factor (for those that think the Note II is too large). The third place award goes to the HTC DROID DNA, and the fourth place spot belongs to the HTC One X+. Rounding out the list, the Nokia Lumia 920 for build quality and features. I'm eager to see HTC's announcements from the press conference next week, along with the announcements from Mobile World Congress. Let the phone silly season begin!