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Apple iPhone 5

It was almost exactly one year ago that rumors began claiming that Apple had placed orders with Sharp, LG and Japan Display for 4-inch displays that would eventually be used in the iPhone 5. Now a similar report has surfaced about the 2013 edition of Apple's smartphone. According to Japanese newspaper Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Apple has placed orders with Sharp, LG and Japan Display for screens that will be used in its next iPhone. Sharp is expected to begin mass production of the panels in June. Along with its claims about the displays, today's report says that the new iPhone will feature a design that's similar to the iPhone 5.

While still very much a rumor, today's report lines up with others that we've heard about the next iPhone. A report from early April suggested that mass production of the upcoming handset could begin in the second quarter, which June is a part of, while others have said that the new iPhone will look similar to the iPhone 5. One feature that is expected to be upgraded is the next iPhone's camera, which could receive both a bump in its megapixel count as well as a larger flash. Apple did something similar with the iPhone 4S, which looked just like the iPhone 4 but packed an 8-megapixel camera, which was an upgrade over the iPhone 4's 5-megapixel shooter.

Apple hasn't officially revealed anything about its next iPhone, which should come as a surprise to exactly no one. However, CEO Tim Cook recently teased that his company's got some "really great stuff coming in the fall and across 2014," suggesting that the new iPhone could arrive in the fall like the two models before it. The good news for Apple fans is that we don't have to wait that long to get a taste of what 2013 has in store for iOS, as the Cupertino firm will be previewing iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 in June.

Via 9to5Mac, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (Google translation)

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Anthony Bailey Someone stick a muzzle on this iTroll dumbass Jose. Reading all of his ignorant posts from five year ago is making me lose I.Q. points. Last I checked, my Galaxy Note had an industry superior battery that completely slaughters the POS iPhone, and my screen is significantly bigger and of higher quality. Dumbass iSheep not even realizing they're living up to all of the negative opinions others have of them. The iPhone is DEFINITELY the device for you lol.
Anthony Bailey I'm sure you're used to being a fail (look at your default pic) however, since I'm not stupid enough to own a POS iPhone, I'm not sure how a third rate CrApple device would be anywhere near me to inflict harm on me. #TeamAndroid #DumbCunt
Patrick OConnor To the 4s charger I like that one better
Patrick OConnor Change the charger to the old one please
Omar Faruk Khan Makid Hasan
Juwon Donte Apple is doomed no matter What they do android has grown leaps&bounds over the last couple of years always improving while iPhones always stayed the same iPhones offer nothing new other than putting an s behind the number
Milton Gfl Williams A more open user experience, nfc, and at least a 4.3" display.
Jody Warrick Jose my 5.5 screan has a helluva battery life and is rock solid. Never an issue...perhaps you should stop living in the past.
Jody Warrick 5+ or bust
EB Bassett 4.5 inch 1080p HD screen, live icons and pull down notification bar to include easy access toggle for WiFi, screen brightness, GPS, etc...
Usama Nasim the only thing which will make it a worth buying device, atleast for me, is a 5 inch screen.............. iphone is a great device but lacks physical attributes like screen and they go for it, i thinks they wwill beat samsung and other companies..i personally own a note 2 and its a great device but i am still waiting for an iphone with such attributes like note 2
Louis Bank Can't wait !!! iOS 7 and new hardware!!!
Jim Messerfish Obviously, you didn't get my sarcasm.
Arshad Hasan 4.7 inch full HD display and iOS revision
James Norwood If you don't know the extremely obvious reason then it's a waste of time trying to explain it. Especially to an apple troll looking for a place to happen.
Charlie Ebner I'm liking the HTC One, and the LG Nexus 4, but because of my previous experience with Android, I'm reluctant to give it another shot. My previous and only Android was the HTC Aria running 2.2 Froyo. It was very buggy and glitchy.
James Norwood Apple earned the name Crapple, wear it with shame.
Rich Field Yes I will laugh because people will still buy a phone with a 6 year old OS. Lipstick on a pig. 0.25 inches thinner and repackage same thing with better marketing. iSheep.
Faseeh Pervaiz everything !
Jose Calderon When they sell millions, will you still be laughing? Model against model, iPhone sells the most vs ANY Android competitor.
Jose Calderon When they sell a millions, will you still be laughing? Model against model, iPhone sells the most vs ANY Android competitor.
James Norwood @ Sambo Chao Telling the truth is not putting the One down, I'll leave the putting the One down to the S4 when it sees full release in a couple of weeks.
Jose Calderon Jacob, well said. Everyone compares to iPhone! iPhone is clearly the standard!
Jose Calderon Yeah, because Apple is filled with some of the smartest people on Earth. They suck all right.
Sambo Chao I'm talking about the phone.
Jose Calderon Apple will do a larger screen iPhone. Guaranteed. When 5 inch screens don't sacrifice battery, clarity of screen, etc.
Jose Calderon Because Apple never brings out anything exciting..except the retina macbook pro, macbook air, solid state laptops, ipad, iphone, ipod, mac. Yeah, Apple is so boring.
James Norwood Was that an attempt at wit? HAHA. Try harder.
Jose Calderon Because the reason you just stated...oh, wait, you didn't state a reason.
Jose Calderon oh snap!
Jose Calderon Yes, Android is much more spontaneous..sometimes Android phones work well enough; sometimes they're fragmented and plastic-y cheap, and just plain ugly.
Jose Calderon Yes, the One is so great, that's why it's selling more than the iPhone.
Jose Calderon So it'll blow up and you with it! I couldn't agree more!
John Ariola I didn't know they needed to do anything. They just need to say "gaze at the wonderful nothing we've done" oh sorry maybe Apple can give some lame excuse of a improvement like WE'VE ADDED 3 LINES TO THE OWNERS MANUAL
Cal Turner multitasking
Sambo Chao Don't put down the one.
Sambo Chao With all the money they have, u would think they would come up with something exciting... I never cared.
Hugo Garcia Apple is quickly nosediving to tje bottom of the barrel, android past it a while ago, now even blackberry is about to pass it with there new software and phone, pitiful apple
Miranda Brito Inacio Mandlate Big ass battery would be nice, say 3000mah
Camar Green Search Karate ....KARATEEE. Lmao I'm so over my iPhone 5 over IOS period. It will be Note 3 for me.
Ray Evans Widgets
Derek Lombardi If Apple is anything like.. well.. Apple.. Be prepared to be let down again.. If their next flock of devices don't have a serious OS overhaul. They may find themselves in a similar situation to RIM/BB.. Once the public gets turned off to your stuff.. You're done
Adam Schulte 4.3 inch 720p display, quad core processor
Jacob A Vernell Half of you have no idea what your talking about. You just read somebody else say it.
Charlie Ebner I like my iPhone 5, but Apple is becoming too predictable. I no longer care about the rumors, whether they're true or false. Sounds like a 5S is what's next...boring. And a waste of time and energy.
Jacob A Vernell Funny Troll droid users using there Droids spamming iphone posts. Shouldnt u b charging ur batteries? Or reinstalling an app thats always freezing up????
Rich Field The same things as the iPhone 5 but in new colours so I can laugh.
James Norwood Android people don't hate iPhone suckers, we look down on them for a good reason.
Anthony Bailey Who's comparing their phones with iCrap? Most of the commercials I see are Android vs. Android. The iPhone is irrelevant in 2013. Only dummy tech sites paid off by CrApple, are making comparisons to keep the iPhone relevant.
Jazer B Rn Widgets maybe. I mean its very convenient not to open and close an app every time. A larger screen. A wide lens camera. Louder sound output. Better battery life. NFC. Bluetooth that can send to ANY device. A share button that's not limited just to Facebook, email, twitter, messaging or safari. And anything futuristic I guess?!?
Anthony Bailey Because dumbass CrApple iSheep keep buying an inferior POS iPhone like the morons they are, so Android has no choice but to keep telling people why you'd have to be a complete dumbass to keep making the same ignorant mistake over and over.
Reese Woodson Bigger screen that's actually HD (at least "4.3", better camera, NFC, and a total revamp of iOS.
Marti Ruiz Typing from an iPhone I don't really like it
Martin Smeaton A jailbreak option in the settings.
Mark Belkowski Dont care about any iphone.
Jet Tuñgul Same old boring crap!
Abram Wenevermet Dennis At this time im happy with my note2 & ipad4.. ill more than likely pass on the iphone until it reaches 5.5 inches..
Jeff Griffith It better be more than "magical" for me to buy it. iPhone 5 is a joke, I've had every model up to the 4s, skipped the 5 when I found out its nothing improved except for a half inch added vertically to the screen. This. Is the 1st iPhone I've skipped due to their lack of innovation. If the 5s sucks too, then I'll be heading to Android.
Gilbert Galvan 4.5 screen size, better camera, sd card slot, and a battery that lasts longer. But it's Apple, so no go there.
Gilbert Galvan 4.5 screen size, sd card slot, better camera, and a battery that last longer. But it's
Jacob A Vernell Funny cuz ur still comparing ur phones to iphone.... Obviously we know who rules
Jim Messerfish Nothing, cause they sucks, huh fellows? Am it rite??!!!!???
Stephen Victor Finder for iOS
Josh Billingsley A widget. Toggles in the home screen... It wont, which is why android rules
Jacob A Vernell Android= ported apps haha. Half of them cant even run on ur cheap plastic phones
James Norwood There already is an iPhone like device with Android, it's called the HTC One.
Ledwin Rodriguez Better camera, better specs, a new and improved iOS 7. That's pretty much it and a bigger screen but that's highly unlikely.
TuCan Dan @Peter, I bought my is it not my own?
James Norwood Bow to Android feature.
Matt Pankey Hahaha
Christopher Williams I'd love to see the iPad mini with phone functionality.
Peter Combs because android is so much better android people like shoving it in apple fanboys face , because they actually make ur phone actually ur own ,because it not locked like apple
Brian Alford Oh and also I hope it comes out this year soon because it's almost been a year since I bought my iPhone 5 thus making it near obsolete and I bought a new tent this year so that I can wait in line for 4 days just to get my new iPhone 6 and put a pre-order down for next years iPhone 6s.
Matthew Swanson yeah yeah i know.... but I can dream
Peter Combs good luck with that it will probly never happen , because that would be useful upgrade apple doesnt do that
Jacob A Vernell Android people always hatin. But guess wat phone ur always comparing urs to? Yupppp u guessed it. Wonder y??
Brian Alford Well let's see. I hope they make the phone a little bit wider and bigger causing it to still be yet $300 dollars cause that makes sense right?
Brian Alford Well let
Kevin Joel Android
Matthew Swanson Better camera, bigger battery, 5" screen
Anthony Bailey A self-destruct feature :P

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