Some final thoughts on iOS 7 before we find out the true details

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from  Kansas City, MO
| June 7, 2013

As many are eagerly waiting for Monday to arrive (as well as not eagerly awaiting for Monday to arrive… is the weekend ever truly long enough?) to see what Apple has to share with us at WWDC 2013, we still have the weekend ahead of us to jam in some last minute speculations.

Of course, there’s only so far you can run with the idea given that the next version of iOS has been described as “simple” and “flat”. I mean, that’s about as boring as boring can get for such a vague description.

For iOS I feel that any change is probably a good change at this point. Just change something. Give iOS users something different to look at, something different to experience. In a world where Android seems to be changing things up every year or so it would be nice for iOS users to get a taste of that change too. Even BlackBerry and Windows Phone have experienced change from BlackBerry OS to BlackBerry 10 and Windows Mobile to Windows Phone. Everybody needs a little refresher at some point to keep the motivation going, right?

I’m on-the-fence on what to expect from iOS 7. I had been mentally preparing myself for disappointment since I heard that iOS 7 was to be flat and simplified just mere days after I had set my expectations way higher than they probably should have been. At the same time I’m still kind of holding on to that glimmer of hope that maybe having this minimalist inspired change come to iOS won’t be so bad after all. After all, there have been some hints from insiders saying that the renders and predictions we’ve been seeing across the internet might not be as accurate as one might think. Then again, depending on what type of sources you deem credible really makes it hard to know exactly what to expect until we actually see it.

I’m mostly excited because I just want to get it out of the way. As a person who had every intention to ditch iOS and move to another platform, I just want to be absolutely sure before I move ahead in my plans to switch platforms. If iOS 7 is really no different than iOS 6, which was hardly any different than iOS 5, which was entirely too similar to iOS 4, and so and so forth, I’ll definitely be outs. But until then,  iOS and the next iPhone still have a toe in the door when it comes to making a decision on my next personal phone.

I think what’s most exciting about this event is that iOS 7 will be Apple’s first real redesign since the iPhone first came out back in 2007. This same design has been reused over and over again for the past 6 years. The design has had an impressively long run without any real signs of needing to pull a Windows Phone, but with Apple slipping from the top down to second place it might be best to attempt a redesign while people still have their eyes and ears programmed to listen any time iOS is mentioned. As we can see with the results so far with BlackBerry’s BlackBerry 10, it is quite possible to redesign something a little too late.

I’ve bounced back and forth on my thoughts of iOS 7. At first I wasn’t happy about it, but it was likely because I set myself up by posting that ever-so-hopeful article just days before the “flat” and “simplified descriptions came to light. Now that I’ve had time to think it over the idea doesn’t seem as awful; still boring in theory, but not as awful as I might have painted it to be at first. I mostly just hope that this won’t turn around to slap Apple in the face.

I’m going to go into Monday with an open mind and hope for the best. Either way it goes, whenever iOS 7 is released I will be losing my jailbreak to experience it first-hand.

Readers, what are some of your thoughts before the official release of iOS 7? Do you think the simplistic design of the banner raised today offers any insight as to what we can expect? Are you excited about the announcement? Let me know your thoughts!

Images via ReadWrite, The Next Web