Why aren't you using BlackBerry 10?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| June 18, 2013

Being a fan of technology means being excited for new things. It just comes with the territory. Sometimes you may not even be able to help it. When it comes to manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Apple, or many others, what they unveil next can mean an impending purchase, or unfettered disappointment. It only gets worse when you start throwing in rumors and speculation. It builds up the anticipation, and then boom. It's either great, or it's a pass.

If you're excited for the next thing, or the next big thing, that isn't a bad thing. In many circumstances it's good to be excited about what's coming next. There's a hope there, even if we know a particular device may just be an iterative addition to a long line of previous handsets, that this new thing will change the game somehow. Maybe it's ridiculously thin, or has an amazing display. (Or both!) Maybe it boasts some new software features that make life easier. Whatever the case may be, we're all looking for the new phone or tablet that adds value not only to the market, but to our lives.

Things may get tricky when that new thing launches, though.

Let's look at scenario one: Let's say you're brand new to smartphones, and you're looking for your first phone. You may or may not have had a phone before, but even if you did, it wasn't a smartphone. No apps. Not even a touchscreen. This is your first step into that new world, and you're excited as all get out. So you find yourself in your carrier's retail location, and your ogling at all the shiny new toys, knowing full well that one of them is going to be in your hand, purchased and activated, when you walk out of the store.

Scenario two is similar, yet different: You are certainly not new to the smartphone world, and you've been using them for years. You may or may not have switched from one platform to another at some point in the past, but for the most part you know exactly what you're looking for when it comes to things like applications. You have your needs, and your phone has to serve them.

Something new like BlackBerry's BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system will fit the needs of some, and won't with others. If you fit into the first scenario, then you may not have any issues picking up a device like the BlackBerry Z10, or the Q10, and walking out of the story a happy camper, simply because BB10 is something new, fresh, and offers an interesting new way --especially for BlackBerry-branded devices-- to interact with your phone.

Things change if you're a smartphone veteran, though, and expect to find certain apps, or even games, on your mobile device every time you pick it up. If you've grown accustomed to using certain apps, and may even have a routine in your day-to-day usage, going to a new platform like BlackBerry 10 may not be possible, as the mobile OS hasn't garnered the attention of a lot of major app developers yet.

But I keep hearing that BlackBerry's new operating system is indeed growing in popularity, and devices like the Q10 are helping to fuel the fire. And that's great for BlackBerry. It's also great for users, too, because it may mean more support from developers at some point down the road.

As I've done with iOS and Android in this series, I want to know why you have skipped BlackBerry 10 so far.

For me, while I did like certain features of the BlackBerry Z10's hardware (like the camera), and the software was pretty great and refreshing, I felt like it was more of a sabbatical from applications than anything else. Especially the apps that I use every single day. And, unfortunately, I just can't give those apps up quite yet. That means, plain and simple, that no matter how badly I may want to use BlackBerry 10, it is simply just not an option for me quite yet.

So this is where you need to chime in, and tell me why you have decided to skip BlackBerry's newest mobile platform. Is it just too different from what you've used in the past? Is it too new, and lacking the apps you need? Or are you just too big a fan of what you're already using, or a certain platform? Let me know!

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