Google News makeover for Android and iOS devices brings themes, resizable cards and more

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| December 6, 2013

Google News web app Android iOS redesign

There are several applications available to help smartphone users consume news on the go, including Feedly, Circa and Flipboard. One app that doesn't always spring to mind as a way to get a serving of news is a device's trusty web browser, but that's exactly the app that Google is focusing on with its announcement of a revamped version of Google News.

Over on the official Google News Blog, the Big G today revealed that it has given the mobile web app version of Google News a bit of a redesign that the company says will make it easier for Android and iOS users to read and track stories that they're interested in. The new Google News features a card-like design that's reminiscent of many of Google's other mobile apps. Users can choose either a light or dark theme for the web app, alter font sizes and enable a larger "story card" style that will display more information at a glance.

The new card-based look isn't the only part of this upcoming Google News overhaul. Google has also made it easier to jump to a particular section by tapping the "Google News" icon in the upper left corner, and it's added better integration with Google Feedback through the menu in the upper right corner. Rounding out the list of new features are a few that've made the jump from the desktop version of Google News, including a weather gadget in the Local section, an "Editor's Picks" option and the ability to view a story's related social posts from Google+ in the article cluster.

Google has steadily been bringing its card-like design to many of its apps in recent months, and so it's good to see the company continue to roll out the unified look with this Google News redesign. Obviously some folks are still going to prefer getting their headlines from dedicated RSS apps and other sources, but for anyone that turns to their browser to get a quick news fix, this Google News redesign looks pretty great. Google says that the makeover is arriving in the U.S. first and will make its way to the international versions of the web app soon.

Which app(s) do you use to consume news on your smartphone or tablet?

Via 9to5Google, Google News Blog