GoSmart Mobile to offer free Facebook access to all starting in January

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: December 23, 2013

GoSmart Mobile

T-Mobile launched its GoSmart Mobile brand earlier this year as a new prepaid brand for consumers that value affordability above most everything else when looking for wireless service. GoSmart announced today that it'll soon be adding another feature to its service to make it even more attractive, revealing that it will give its customers free access to Facebook on the go.

Starting in January, all GoSmart Mobile customers will be able to use Facebook and Facebook Messenger for no charge, even if they don't have a plan. GoSmart subscribers need only to log in to Facebook from a dedicated app or through their device's browser and then BAM! The free Facebook goodness will start to flow.

While some GoSmart customers are sure to get more use out of this free Facebook access than others, this is still a pretty good deal for the operator's customer base since it opens up a couple of new methods of communicating with others free of charge. And hey, for anyone that's signed up for some other service but mostly just uses their data connection to talk with and creep on other people on Facebook, GoSmart may be worth looking into once this free Facebook access goes live.

GoSmart Mobile offers rate plans that start out at $25 per month for unlimited voice minutes. The T-Mobile-owned operator also has a $30 per month plan that includes unlimited talk and text, a $35 option with unlimited talk, text and 2G data and a $45 per month plan that offers unlimited talk, text and web with 5GB of 3G data.

Via GoSmart Mobile