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I'm not sure if you've heard, but Samsung's hosting a little get-together tonight in New York City to unveil its new Galaxy S IV smartphone. The company's been posting up teasers for the event  over the past several days, and it's even got some pretty big billboards teasing the unveiling in Times Square. LG has apparently decided to take advantage of Samsung's hype-building tactics to try and drum up some more interest in its own products, as the company today announced that it's now got its own Times Square billboards above Samsung's.

The LG ads poke a little fun at Samsung's own "Be Ready 4 The Next Galaxy" tagline in order to promote the Optimus G, featuring lines like "LG Optimus G is here 4 you now," "It'll take more than 4 to equal one Optimus G," and others. LG also points out in its announcement of the ads that LG Electronics has owned this billboard in Times Square for more than 20 years.

While LG's ads for the Optimus G are unlikely to deflate the hype surrounding the Galaxy S IV, they're still pretty clever, and they're certainly achieving their goal of getting people to talk more about both LG and the Optimus G. For those wondering why LG is advertising the Optimus G and not the newer Optimus G Pro in these ads, it's likely due to the fact that the G Pro isn't yet available here in the U.S., though LG has said that it's slated to arrive in North America sometime in the second quarter of 2013. What do you all make of LG's new Times Square ads? Do you think that installing these new ads was a smart move?

Via Engadget, Korea Newswire

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Michele Dena lg or samsung? samsung hands down
Lopez Joe Apple
Timothy Adams Both use the same cheap plastic, but Samsung is the clear winner because of it's software
Diego Akd Aranda Samsung Mobile USA
Shawn Gergler Samsung note 2
Marlon Milligan Same thing imo. Same everything from build quality & function. LG has better screens. Probably because it trolled htc
Paul Keefe Samsung Mobile USA!
Anthony Bailey LMAO!. Samsung, of course!
Andres Ventura Samsung forever
Kevin Hatchett I just hope and pray HTC pulls a beautiful rabbit out of its hat.
Mark Belkowski I just really hope Samsung pull something really mind blowing out of the hat tonight per say. I think the fake leaks have killed the s4 hype.
Awosanma Funke Definitely Samsung
Sebastian Gomes Samsung (I currently own an LG Revolution and I've had about 4 phones on Verizon, all were LG)
Bryan T Miller Lg optimus g is the best current smartphone, even better the s3 and the note 1 and note 2 are way too big for me and most others and even the s4 only improves from a 720p screen to a 1080p screen otherwise won't be any better and is still way too big
Yan Zhenghao LG + Nokia
Jae Stevens SAMSUNG!!! :D
Biraj Patel neither... HTC
Camar Green Omg its plastic omg its plastic... LEARN TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR F&#KIN PHONE ....Samsung all the way.
Rani Hinnawi Samsung, for sure
David Guimond LG used to be Goldstar but changed their name because of there bad reputation...
Jesse Ling Samsung.
Julian Scott Well the lg only has the nexus phone and that's the only phone ppl like or talk about when it comes to lg, how ever Samsung Mobile USA has a lots of phones that ppl like, love and talk about. So with that said I would have to pick Samsung phones over lg.
Dave Yaeck Sorry but LG has a way to go to get to the quality of Samsung. Note 2 all the way!!
Odin Johnson Note II FTW!
Jose Be Julme Samsung.
Janis Rakickis lg and samsung same company
Dominick Grasso LG i have the LG mytouch ;-)
Jesse Catano Sumsung LG sucks
Brian Walden I have had LG phones in the past and they were terrible. Samsung is better but that doesn't say much. Nokia Lumias ftw.
BG Michael LG best in DISPLAY TRUE HD IPS and G pro is the BEST PHABLET! Optimus G is way better than s3...
Peter Nicholas Bravato LG must have a personal vendetta against Samsung!
James Frazier I will never own another LG after my G2X debacle. I simply just don't like the look of any of the Samsungs. They are cheap plastic reminiscent of the mid '90's models of Dodge cars, they all looked the same, just some were bigger than others.
Mika Kokko Samsung
Rachael Ruth Anne Goldfarb Samsung, any samsung device in the past, even when it was not a smartphone was magnificent, even my first samsung cell phone but the first and last time I got an LG cell phone was horrible. I admit LG has some nice looking phones (LG optimus G, and some of the phones that look similar to the S2 by samsung), but until they come out with something that could truly pose a threat to samsung, samsung all the way.
Charlie Ebner Samsung, I've never owned an LG.
Robert Cucurella samsung will always take my money amazing product and warranty
Brandon Wood LG...Samsung has become rather stale in my opinion. Of course, that could all change very quickly tonight :)
Bill Siembida Out of the 2 Sammy by far
Cameron Walton LG because the only Samsung phone I bought for my wife was complete garbage. Now she has iPhone 4s and I have LG Optimus G. Coming from Samsung Moment and HTC Hero, respectively.
Gordon Christie Samsung for phones lg make good fridges
Flavius Adrian LG copy Samsung at design and UI.
Nagenthiran Naidu both. I got my Google Nexus 4, and also Samsung galaxy note 2. (**,) By God grace I'm happy with both of phones.
Jake Stumbaugh The lg optimus g is so much nicer then the galaxy s3, so fast.
Gabby Chavez Samsung...
Cesario Brito Jr. Ummm Joey, you're comparing a 2012 model to a 2011. Nice try though.
Gary Bollinger Samsung USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wei Ern None
Dalton Davis Samsung!
Cesario Brito Jr. Lol LG doesn't stand a chance. They can put up all the billboards they want.
Radut Gabriel lg on tv and samsung on smartphones
?? For SAMSUNG, only the Note II ; Love LG's True HD IPS ~
Spencer Silva Sullivan Think it be HTC
Dennis Heggenstaller Samsung all the way!
Balo Lara samsung..
Binaya Khatri Samsung but hope that they will include metal instead of plastic
Bryan T Miller Lg Samsung phones look like cheap plastic toys made by that Play school company LG actually puts design thoughts into it instead of cheap plastic molds
Joey Drew Bucek Well lets compare hardware, nexus 4 beats galaxy nexus
Justin Edelman Seeing as I did have the s3 and now have the optimus g, I say lg
Rey Gonzalez That's a hard to battle but Samsung takes the win :b
Muhammad Ali Khan is that even a question
Naveen Shan Samsung.
Tim Moore Samsung seems to be better and making their software work with Android but I have to say I like the build quality of my Nexus 4 over my Galaxy Nexus.
Stephanie Helle Loved the LG dumbphones back in the day but definitely have to give Samsung the edge with smartphones...
Vonda Newton Samsung

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